Tuesday, 29 October 2013

THE MOONSTONE by Wilkie Collins



THE MOONSTONE (illustrated, complete, and unabridged 1868 edition)

The Definitive Edition of THE MOONSTONE
-With beautiful vintage illustrations
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

"The first, the longest, and the best of modern English detective novels in a genre invented by Collins.” T. S. Eliot

"Probably the very finest detective story ever written.” Dorothy L. Sayers

"Probably the best detective tale in the world." G. K. Chesterton

“It's a mystery set in England and the Orient. It's a story of love and betrayal, edging towards madness! I liked all of the characters, including the quirky police sergeant with his rose garden.” Jeannette

“A mysterious, cursed jewel, wrested from India, only to be stolen later from a great British mansion. Enigmatic, dangerous priests who follow it across the ocean in hopes of wresting it back. A young, beautiful, rich and courageous heroine . . . And enough twists and turns to keep a reader on tenterhooks until a highly satisfying ending is delivered.” Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, NPR Books

THE MOONSTONE is a classic mystery and suspense novel by the author of ‘The Woman in White’. Presented in a beautiful edition specially designed for kindle, this is Wilkie Collins’ masterpiece which will haunt you forever.  

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