Friday, 11 October 2013

HOT SET: The Jealousy Game by Kerry Northe

HOT SET: The Jealousy Game (Romantic Suspense)
"Wow! I love the battle of wits between these two very different women." Beth Boyd

"Full of passion, envy, love and hate. A really romantic suspense story" Melissa Bond

"Really enjoyed this book and did I say it was HOT? I started and finished it in one sitting, to good to set down." – A. Hamilton

"Intriguing, engaging and hard to put down! Fantastic story and likeable characters. Loved it and can't wait for a sequel!!!" – Bluebug

"Hot Set is a brilliantly addictive read - it's sumptuously descriptive, intriguing, ├╝ber-sexy and it hits a nice balance between playful humour and dark emotion. Northe's characters are instantly relatable, which is no easy feat considering the superficial Hollywood world they inhabit. I highly recommend it and am tapping my foot impatiently for Part 2 to be released!" – Miss Daisy

"I bought this e-book wanting something light and easy to read while doing overnight feeds with a baby. What began as something to entertain in 30 minute stints quickly became totally engrossing and I was unable to put it down. I absolutely loved that each character was so beautifully evolved and I really enjoyed the sub-plot story line involving Amelia. It's rare to find a chick lit book that delves into secondary characters so well. I had goose bumps near the end of the book and I can't wait to buy the sequel to find out where this story leads." - mwanddb

After actress Kate's increasingly estranged husband dies in a fatal car crash, Hollywood heartthrob Rhys helps her recover. Yet as their fledgling romance is rekindled and they move to LA, it seems that Rhys's ex, Amelia will stop at nothing to humiliate Kate and reclaim her man. Will the honest and demure Kate survive being hounded by the press and cement her relationship with Rhys, or will the cunning Amelia ruin everything?

The Jealousy Game is the stand-alone sequel to Playing with Fidelity, Book One of HOT SET by Kerry Northe available here:

Praise for Playing with Fidelity:

“Hot Set oozes passion. If I could I would pre-order the sequel now.” Beth Boyd (Bestselling author of Love)

"Sumptuous summer reading. A delightful setting." Ann Abrams (Author of Mobius) 

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