Monday, 28 April 2014

Just 99p/ 99 cents today, the dark crime thriller by Sophie Jonas-Hill, MY CROOKED LITTLE SISTER:

My Crooked Little Sister – a twisted noir for the Facebook generation 

A woman staggers into a decrepit fishing shack in the Louisiana back woods, with no memory, a gun and a bullet wound. Enter Red, a stranger in a strange place, in time to catch her as she falls. Trapped in the sweating heat of the swamp, with no car, no phone, and no one around for miles, the ex-soldier offers her refuge and the name ‘Margarita’. When night falls, cabin fever and suspicions set in, as Margarita discovers that Red is not the stranger he claimed to be. But how are they connected, and who shot her? The deeper we get into Margarita’s story, the more we become embroiled in a dark game of wits before all the players, both real and imaginary, have fully revealed themselves. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

bargain romance for Kindle 25 April to May 2 SUZI LEARNS TO LOVE AGAIN by Patricia Keyson


"I couldn't stop reading to find out what happened to Suzi, I could really identify with her. Snuggle up with this lovely romance." Emma Williams

"A story of two people working out if they can fall in love. The characters and story feel real and alive." Beth Boyd, best-selling author of ‘Love’

"A feel-good romance, and a real page turner!" Julie

"This is a beautifully told book and Suzi is believable and engaging with an interesting choice." Sarah Westin

A brilliant romance novel about finding love again
When a disruptive kid joins her class, teacher Suzi is immediately attracted to his father Cameron. But handsome architect Cameron’s situation is complicated and Suzi isn’t sure she is ready for love after recently losing her husband. Will they work it out or has the perfect man come too soon for Suzi? A heart-warming full length romance novel which you won’t be able to put down.

Patricia Keyson is the best-selling author of HOLIDAY ROMANCE, SNOWBOUND WITH A STRANGER, CHERRY BLOSSOMS, and THE MAGIC TOUCH, all available on Kindle. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The sensational, shocking new title from Not So Noble Books. 

Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

A serial killer they'll say. Me! Richie Henders! They'll set me up to be this savage murderer, but those shitting old biddies deserve everything they get. All I've got to do is keep my lock up secret. All I've got to do is avoid the nasty little pigs. All I've got to do is kill the old ones. Because it is all their fault and only the good die young...

TACKLING DEATH by BUD CRAIG is just 99 cents/ 99p all week!

Excellent pacey Private Eye thriller set in #Salford

Salford-based ex-rugby league player turned social worker Gus Keane is closing up his case files in preparation for retirement, but a bruising encounter with a client sets off a chain of events in which he finds his boss murdered. Now turning private eye to uncover the truth, as more murders occur Keane himself comes under suspicion in a thickening plot involving blackmail and a missing girl. When he closes in on the killer will Keane come out on top or fall victim to the murderer’s desperate moves?

"A refreshing non-supernatural horror that will have you sleeping with the light on" David Marsh 

"Thrilling, a great book" Beth Cummins 

When two girls working in the London sex club scene get offered work in Hong Kong they think their dreams have come true. But what seems like a well-paid holiday soon turns into the trip of a nightmare. They have entered the water trade, will they get out alive?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

FREE romance for kindle VACATION ROMANCE free from 16-20 April

A wonderful romance novel which you won’t be able to put down 

“The perfect beach read. Well written, with great characters, and a suspenseful story which will keep you guessing till the end” Beth Boyd 

“ ***** A lovely book with a realistic heroine and a mystery which doesn’t get solved till the exciting climax.” Hilary Clarke 

“A great romance novel, you’ll love this heartwarming story set in the Spanish Sun! Couldn’t put it down.” Clare Barnes 

Dee has promised herself not to fall for another charming Mediterranean man. Then she meets handsome Freddie while working at the Hotel Paradiso on the idyllic Spanish coast. However his charming Uncle Miguel comes between them, and seems to endanger Dee’s friend Karen. Has Dee found her perfect match with Freddie or will Miguel mess it all up? Find out in this full length romance which will keep you busy reading by the pool or get you dreaming of your next vacation! 

Vacation Romance was first published as Holiday Romance in the UK. 

Also available by best-selling author Patricia Keyson on Kindle: 
SUZI LEARNS TO LOVE AGAIN 'A feel-good romance' 

MOBIUS a dark sexy thriller is FREE from April 16 to 20

“Five Stars out of Five. It’s truly a page-turner. A sexy thriller which will keep you reading to find out its secrets.” J.E 

"Can Katherine unmask the sinister society which is killing men and women in sadistic sex games?" 

“Brilliant, shocking, a thrilling mystery which will make you question everything.” 

What is the Mobius Society? They seem to stop at nothing, including murder, torture, and lies, to control the destiny of humankind. 

A dark, sexy, mind-blowing mystery, a journey into the most perverse reaches of human behaviour 
Beautiful young Londoner, Katherine Markham, goes to wild, dangerous parties in the name of research. She has drifted away from her Oxford studies and takes part in orgies where the rich, beautiful, and bored play in perverse decadence. One night in Mayfair she meets newbie Nick, a marketing executive trying to escape his dull job and sex life. After a brief encounter in the pool, they are witness to a sadistic ritual in which a young woman is murdered. 

The next day Katherine finds a mysterious tattoo on her stomach. It is the first of a series of strange events leading her on a journey to uncover a terrifying conspiracy. 

ANN ABRAMS is the author of #1 Amazon best seller "An A to Z of Pregnancy" another instalment in Katherine Markham’s adventures: 

Get in the UK here: 

And in the USA here: 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April 10-16 Seduction and Mashed Potato on SALE at 99p and 99 cents
“Seduction & Mashed Potato is a charming, funny, romantic novel with amazing and wonderful characters. I couldn't put it down.” Beth Boyd (best-selling author of Love) 

“This is a beautifully-told romance that will appeal to everyone who loves suspense and true love. Set in a wonderful country house, it’s part Cluedo, part Downton Abbey.” Sarah Benson 

A gripping period romance novel with suspense, humour, and wonderful warmth 
Molly Batters is a successful cookbook and romance writer living in Battersby Hall. When she meets and falls in love with publisher Mr Tidy, all is set fair for a fine romance. They are both widowed, both dog lovers, and both grasping rather awkwardly at a second chance of happiness. However, their love is threatened by the dark plans of those around them, including the menacing gardener, Thompson. 

Set in 1960s Yorkshire and London, this is a brilliantly quirky book which will have you up all night to find out whether Molly and Mr Tidy will live happily ever after, or be swept away by the dastardly passions of those working for them. 

Seduction & Mashed Potato is Janis McBride’s debut novel. Look out for her short story collection coming soon. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

kindle bargain THRILLER Pretty Girls Make Graves by John Yorvik on sale at 99p 99 cents April 6 to 12

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES (crime thriller books)

“An exciting thriller with the authentic gritty flavour of London’s underworld.” Ann Abrams 

“A great read which has Lishman up against sinister forces trying to frame him for the murder of a pretty young Polish woman.” Chris Child 

“A true page turner with a dark conspiracy at its heart. If you like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books you’ll love this.” Norman Andrews 

“Intelligent and atmospheric, with a gripping plot and complex believable characters.” Clare Brenton 

A thrilling mystery novel which will have you up all night following its twist and turns 
On a wild night out Lishman seduces the beautiful Natasha Rok. Three days later, news of Natasha’s murder is splashed all over the newspapers and Lishman is the prime suspect. Lishman, unable to remember much about the drunken night of passion, makes a snap decision to run. He becomes a fugitive hiding out on the backstreets of London, hunted through underground tunnels and canal networks. With the help of Dani, an edgy female photographer friend, he ventures into the murky world of East End gangs and conspiracy theories to unravel the mystery behind Natasha’s death and try to save himself. 

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES is a gripping thriller by the talented new writer John Yorvik. 

HECKLE by Chris Child is free today, a free kindle thriller, mystery, suspense book

HECKLE (thriller mystery book)

“HECKLE is a beautiful twisting tale which has a gripping and shocking conclusion.” Jeff Hampton 29.11.12

What would you do to save your daughter from herself?

Mark Heckle, a lawyer, is desperately concerned that his daughter Eva is in danger. When a peculiar accident happens near his daughter's home, he meets John Freid, who reeks of evil. Heckle sets out to discover who Freid is and what his hold over his daughter is, in a stunning suspenseful adventure which will have you gripped until you find out the truth behind the mystery.

Inspired by the Robert Louis Stevenson classic 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'.


‘Five out of Five Stars. The main character of the lawyer worried about his daughter is very credible and engaging. And the mystery is brilliantly built up. Don't miss it!’

‘Heckle had me gripped from the first page. The story is tightly plotted, with the chapter breaks breathlessly pushing the action along.’ Alex Day

‘I found this book absolutely thrilling and couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. Convincing characters and an exciting plot.’ M. Mcalister

CHRIS CHILD is the best-selling author of 'Christmas Carole' also available on Amazon
“A scary funny modern version of a timeless tale, destined to become a classic in its own right.”
Amazon UK:
Amazon USA: 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Literary Legend Lee Olds' two novels for only 99p 99 cents!

New Fiction from Critically Acclaimed Novelist Lee Olds

Two Short Novels by the West Coast Literary Legend in One Stunning Collection 
A writer becomes besotted with a woman with whose help he thinks he will reach publishing fame. A tense psychological novel set in contemporary California. 

“Clara is a stunning tale of a writer finding inspiration, Lee Old's prose is pellucid and hard-won. A cracking read for anyone.” Mary O’Toole 

A ménage-à-trois quickly deepens into a gripping play of wits where everything is at stake. A suspenseful psychological novel set in Sausalito, San Francisco Bay. 

“One of the best novels I’ve read in says more in sixty pages than most books do in six hundred.” San Francisco Examiner 

“The Bilge is simply a great novel.” San Francisco Review of Books 

“The Bilge, philosophical fiction of a sort rarely attempted by Americans, though depressing in its conclusions, is exhilarating in its execution.” Newsday, NY 

Critical Acclaim for Lee Olds, Best-selling author of 1960’s classic ‘Too Much Sun’

“THE BILGE” is a short, gloomy, seductive allegory that expresses the despair that men and women of good will sometimes feel when pondering the world of greed, exploitation, oppression and hopelessness that confronts them. Archetypal characters – Richter, the narrator, a reactionary lawyer, rigid, bitter, anti-Semitic; Peters, the Bohemian writer whose lifestyle eats at the foundations of Richter’s beliefs; the Professor, the iconoclastic Jewish intellectual Richter envies and abominates; the Goddess, the Professor’s beautiful, dependent, destructive, drunk wife – argue incessantly in an unearthly Sausalito, as graphically corporeal as the character’s habitation but strangely undescribed. Through murder and mayhem, we never escape the bitter confines of Richter’s mind. “The Bilge,” philosophical fiction of a sort rarely attempted by Americans, though depressing in its conclusions, is exhilarating in its execution. 

Lee Old’s novella, “THE BILGE,” has an electricity so intense you can almost hear it crackle on the page. Narrated by one of its four central characters, Richter, a yuppies lawyer with a penchant for racism and anti-Semitism, the story plunges us into the word of the Professor, a university mathematician, his alcoholic wife, the Goddess, and Peters, a booze-crazed writer living in a ‘60s time-warp. On the surface, the relationship between the characters pivot off the mounting tension between Peters and the Professor as they try to drain the water from the bilge of a sunken houseboat where Peters had been living. 

Just below the narrative surface, the author ingeniously implants the psychological dynamite. As events evolve, it becomes evident that all four characters are a composite gestalt of modern society’s collective death wish. 

Lee Olds is a thinking person’s writer. Not only can he condense into 69 pages what many writers can only dream of achieving in 669, but his ability to integrate a mathematician’s sense of precision with a philosopher’s sensibility for metaphysical pathos is as impressive as it is stimulating. Here is a writer to watch. 

PRAISE FOR TOO MUCH SUN (also available on Amazon) 
“By Kerouac out of Salinger . . . The pioneer of a new post-Beatnik generation.” New York Herald Tribune 

“Rowdy, wild and bawdy. Barry is as engaging as Holden Caulfield and as believable.” Book of the Month Club 

“TOO MUCH SUN is an amazing book, remarkable, brilliant! It plunges the reader into the thoughts and yearnings of a generation that begins where Catcher in the Rye leaves off.” Worcester Telegram 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BASIL by Wilkie Collins

classic Wilkie Collins BASIL (illustrated)

The Definitive Edition of BASIL
-Illustrations from the first illustrated edition
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Basil, a man of high station, falls in love with Margaret Sherwin, the daughter of a linen draper, and the year following their secret marriage is fraught with dramatic conflict. This psychologically penetrating story of love and loss is recognized today as one of, if not the, first sensation novels of the nineteenth century.” J Eddy

“Basil tells the story of a secret and unconsummated marriage, between the aristocratic Basil and Margaret Sherwin, the daughter of a linen draper, kept secret for one year. Basil struggles between the social pressures of his class, embodied in the character of his proud and honourable father, and his passion for Margaret.” The Thiessen Review

“The elements which would become central to the age of sensation in the 1860s are all there – familial strife and secrets, violence, mental anguish with an almost proto-Freudian obsession with dreams and the subconscious and a focus on the destructive potential of female sexuality.” The Secret Victorianist

“This was one of those books that sent my emotions reeling ~ the kind where I ran my fingers through my hair over and again in frustration, screaming, "NO!!!!" in my mind, pacing with anxiety and watching helplessly as the character is buffeted by winds he cannot control, albeit a result of a few misplaced efforts. Read it to the end.” Heidi

“The more of Wilkie Collins I read the more I think I like him as much as I do his friend Charles Dickens” Richard

BASIL features Wilkie Collin’s sensational novel in a specially designed edition for kindle. This suspenseful novel will shock and delight you. Read it as it’s meant to be read: complete, and unabridged with the original illustrations. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


THE MAGIC TOUCH (Historical Romance)

A wonderful historical romance which you won’t be able to put down 

“A great read. Hope is a charming character who struggles with the constraints of Victorian society while she pursues both romantic and life fulfilment.” Beth Boyd 

“ ***** What a brilliant novel! Really evokes the time and the place, and if you like Jane Austen I think you will enjoy this.” Jennifer Mellors 

“A gloriously romantic book with real humour, you’ll love the will they/won’t they romance of Hope and the enigmatic Beaumont!” Sarah Michaels 

Hope is an aristocratic young lady with unconventional attitudes to love and life. When she goes to stay with her starchy Aunt Constance in London, she meets the handsome but mysterious Beaumont who shares her rebellious spirit. In order to visit one of his magic lantern shows she dresses up as a man which leads to unexpected complications in their relationship. Will her Aunt Constance get in the way of their romance, and why does Beaumont repress his feelings for Hope? Find out in this beautifully written, funny, and heart-warming historical romance. 

Also available by Patricia Keyson on Kindle: 
HOLIDAY ROMANCE 'A best selling feel-good romance'.