Thursday, 28 November 2013

STRANGE BODIES a futuristic murder mystery by Australian writer Antonia Marlowe.

Introducing the sleek new thriller STRANGE BODIES a futuristic murder mystery by Australian writer Antonia Marlowe.

STRANGE BODIES (a crime thriller)

Tortured, and brutally murdered, the bodies of the Richardsons hang from a tree deep in the forests of the Blue Mountains 

Australia in 2067, an oasis in a world which has barely survived climate change, terrorism and food wars. The Richardsons’ deaths are just two of several brutal murders to be unearthed. With local police stymied, former Scotland Yard Commander, Nicholas Adams and his team, are called in. But even with the extensive surveillance of central computer BigSys and the pervasive eyes of cameras that cover so much of the country, it takes the skills of the attractive Verity Burne – computer wizard and freelance feature writer – to uncover the links between the homicides that lead to the discovery of past injustices and a thirst for bloody vengeance. 


Pleased to announce the publication of Pete Brassett's superb bitter-sweet story of love in New York: CLAM CHOWDER AT LAFAYETTE AND SPRING.

Fast talking Luca Montella takes us on a bitter sweet journey in this heartbreaking tale of love, with an astonishing ending, that is guaranteed to make you weep. An exceptional classic in the making. 

"Okay, so here's the thing: you ever wake up, face down, in a bowl of noodles? You ever cruised at 30,000 feet without flying? You ever been in love then it lose it all? No? Well, listen up and maybe, just maybe, you might just learn something."

THE NUMBERS GAME by John Stanley

The Numbers Game, a pacy new thriller by crime writer John Stanley now available on amazon kindle.

When a body is found in a house on a street marked for demolition, superintendent Danny Radford and his team immediately come up against the actions of the developers and local activists, all of whom seem intent on thwarting their investigation. As more bodies are discovered it becomes clear a serial killer is at work, but will the interference of politicians into the police's work allow the murderer to avoid Radford's efforts to bring him to justice for his homicidal games?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

TEN STEPS SHORT thriller by T. H. Richardson

TEN STEPS SHORT (thriller mystery books)
 A fast moving thriller with larger-than-life characters

“An absorbing and funny thriller with some brilliant writing.” Chris Child

“Lots of twists and turns, nothing is what it seems. Kept me guessing till the end.” Ann Abrams

“It’s a great read, really funny in places, and a lot of action too.” David Mitchells

Construction worker Tom wants money fast, and is back in town offering drugs to the local dealers. Is he playing a dangerous game where he’ll get a lot more than he bargained for? Is he puppet master or puppet? Will he get the better of the dangerous Pig Eyes? And what are Jenny and the Young American up to? Bodies pile up as the story unfolds and gang warfare breaks out. Detectives Hedley and Stone must solve the case - but whose side are they on?

Featuring crooked cops, lottery winners, club bouncers, double-crosses, secret plots, and a whole cast of villains and rogues, this full length thriller is both a great read and an absorbing mystery full of black humour.

T. H Richardson presents a beautifully written comic crime caper which will appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013


A wonderful romance novel which you won’t be able to put down

“The perfect beach read. Well written, with great characters, and a suspenseful story which will keep you guessing till the end” Beth Boyd

“ ***** A lovely book with a realistic heroine and a mystery which doesn’t get solved till the exciting climax.” Hilary Clarke

“A great romance novel, you’ll love this heartwarming story set in the Spanish Sun! Couldn’t put it down.” Clare Barnes

Dee has promised herself not to fall for another charming Mediterranean man. Then she meets handsome Freddie while working at the Hotel Paradiso on the idyllic Spanish coast. However his charming Uncle Miguel comes between them, and seems to endanger Dee’s friend Karen. Has Dee found her perfect match with Freddie or will Miguel mess it all up? Find out in this full length romance which will keep you busy reading by the pool or get you dreaming of your next vacation!

Vacation Romance was first published as Holiday Romance in the UK.

Also available by best-selling author Patricia Keyson on Kindle:
SUZI LEARNS TO LOVE AGAIN 'A feel-good romance'

HIS LAST BOW Some Later Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Definitive Edition of HIS LAST BOW: Some Later Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
-Illustrations from their first publication in The Strand Magazine
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Here, we have a collection of eight classic short stories featuring the world-renowned investigator Sherlock Holmes and his faithful chronicler, Dr. John Watson M.D. I'm quite the fan of Sir Arthur's short stories, because each one is as good as a novel and they're the perfect length to read on the bus, in the bath or before going to bed.”

“A collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures. I had so much fun reading this book. It was just amazing!” Ann Jacob

“Eight fascinating Holmes stories, each of them a fairly decent length, utterly perfect to curl up with on a chilly December evening. I adore the character of Holmes, it matches exactly the mood that Doyle creates so perfectly in each story. The tension and fear that lies beneath a rarefied Englishness, the dense fogs that swirl outside the windows of Baker Street, while a great mind is figuring out the unfathomable. In my personal favourite 'The Adventure of the Devil's Foot' Holmes and Watson find themselves in a tiny Cornish village, where a woman has been apparently terrified to death.” Victoria

HIS LAST BOW features 8 classic mysteries in a specially designed edition for kindle. These are Conan Doyle’s masterpieces which will intrigue and delight you. Read them as they are meant to be read: complete, and unabridged with illustrations from their first publication.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

SWANN'S WAY by Marcel Proust

The Definitive Edition of SWANN’S WAY
-Illustrated with beautiful vintage images
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly
-Scott Moncrieff’s classic translation

“Swann’s Way puts you firmly behind the eyes and into the mind of its characters. And so completely will you borrow their thoughts, feelings, and passion, that they become entangled with your own. This isn’t just a good book. It’s hard to define, sublime and infinitely underlineable; but ultimately, Swann’s Way is nothing short of a walking tour for the human mind.” Mind Blowing Books

“For 100 years now, Swann’s Way, the first volume of Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, has engaged and enchanted readers. Within moments of turning back the cover and dropping your eyes into the trenches of text, the reader is sent to soaring heights of rapture while clinging to Proust’s prose, leaving no room for doubt that this is well-deserving of its honor among the timeless classics.” S. Penkevich

“When in Proust’s world, it is the remarks on human nature and memory and social customs and relationships and whatever else comes with that trip that makes it so worthwhile.” Jason

“Swann’s Way is often regarded as one of the best novels ever written. The fact that so many readers have continued to praise the text since its original publication in 1913, lead me to add it to my reading list some time ago. After finishing the book, I decided that I agree with the praise it has been given over the years.” Lisa’s Literary Life

SWANN’S WAY is a masterpiece of memory, longing and love which will stay with you forever. Beautifully presented for Kindle, marking the 100th anniversary of its publication, this is the first volume of Marcel Proust’s ‘Remembrance of Things Past.’ 

Monday, 18 November 2013


THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (illustrated, complete, and unabridged with the original illustrations)

-Illustrations by Sidney Paget from the first edition
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Another great collection of Sherlock Holmes short mysteries. These shorts are where Sherlock really gets to shine. “ Chad

“I actually found this collection to be, if anything stronger than the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Stories such as "The Empty House," "The Norwood Builder," "The Dancing Men," and "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons" are pure classics. From the first story to the last, Holmes is at his best as the master of deduction.”

“More rollicking adventures with Holmes and Watson, all with heart, banter, and increasingly dark crimes. “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton”, it could be argued, is the quintessential Holmes story.” The Literary Omnivore

THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES features 13 classic mysteries in a specially designed edition for kindle. These are Conan Doyle’s masterpieces which will intrigue and delight you. Read them as they are meant to be read: complete, and unabridged with illustrations from their first publication.


BOUND TO YOU AFTER DEATH (paranormal fantasy romance)

An extraordinary fantasy romance novel which you won’t be able to put down

"This is an amazing romance featuring witches and werewolves and creatures of the night in an epic battle." Ann Abrams

"A sexy, dark and uplifting romance book which I couldn’t put down." Clara Mitchell

"Wow! I loved Claire Spoor’s first book, but this is even better, it oozes passion and is full of surprises." Emma Rogers

After a fatal incident in her husband Gary’s kinky club, it seems Alex will have to live besides him forever as a guardian angel, with all the frustrations that brings. However, a move to a large old mansion in Wales uncovers a secret about her family’s involvement in witchcraft and her own paranormal powers. Alex will have to master her new abilities when a frightening alignment of planets brings about a fierce battle of the white witches against evil demons. Will the strength and love of hunky werewolf Ryan be enough to save Alex when she discovers the real danger is much, much closer to home?

BOUND TO YOU AFTER DEATH is the stand alone sequel to Claire Spoors' BOUND ANGEL, also available on kindle. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013


THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (illustrated, complete, and unabridged with the original illustrations)
-Illustrations by Sidney Paget from the first edition
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly
-Includes all 12 mysteries including The Adventure of the Cardboard Box (some editions are missing this)

“To my mind, this is easily the best collection of Holmes stories ever assembled. The variety of the stories are great and, as always, excellently written. What I like most about it is that it reveals many stages of Holme's life.” John Darling

“This is the second collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories and it is even better than the first as it becomes a bit more than simply solving mysteries as we find out more about Sherlock Holmes's life and his character is developed.” Dan

“This collection presents many of the most familiar cases Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, ever solve, including "Silver Blaze," "The Greek Interpreter," and "The Musgrave Ritual." As Holmes's fame grows, it brings him notoriety that piques the ire of London's criminal underworld, who begin to scheme against him. It is in "The Final Problem" that Dr. Watson relates the grisly, fatal, and shocking tale of how Holmes finally meets his match, encountering the diabolical Professor Moriarty in a terrible struggle at Reichenbach Falls.” Lori Caswell

“Memoirs holds its own as a great classic short story collection.”

THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES features 12 classic stories in a specially designed edition for kindle. These are Conan Doyle’s masterpieces which will intrigue and delight you. Read them as they are meant to be read: complete, and unabridged with illustrations from the first edition. 

Friday, 15 November 2013


THE STRANGE CASE OF ALBERT MITCHELL (detective mysteries) (Case One of The London Road Mysteries)

"I loved this rip roaring detective story. Great period details and strong characters. I read it in one sitting," Chris Child

"There's a lot of action. I could imagine this making an exciting TV series." Ann Abrams

"It's great for Sherlock Holmes fans. Peter Keeley brings Manchester in 1911 to vivid life." Steve Moore

A brilliant period detective mystery
Detective James Francis Dineen and his partner John Moreland hear a gunshot during a training exercise at the London Road police station. Running over, they find one of their colleagues is dead, with an unfired gun in his hand. It looks like a disguised murder, but with no witnesses and no motive the detectives must deploy all their skills to unpick the mystery. Soon there's another corpse, and a significant new clue. Their investigation takes them across Manchester as they go from shady pubs and opium dens to the Royal Exchange.

James Dineen is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and tries unorthodox tactics that aren't taught in training school. He's from the same rough background as the criminals he pursues, so isn't afraid to bend the rules to solve a case. While John Moreland is a church-going family man, who plays by the book.

The Strange Case of Albert Mitchell is the first of Peter Keeley's London Road mysteries, stories from the casebook of James Francis Dineen. It will appeal to all fans of early 20th century detective fiction. Look out for further adventures on Amazon soon. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013


The Definitive Edition of THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY
-Illustrated with beautiful vintage images from the life and times of Henry James
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly
-This is the definitive 1908 text revised by the author himself

“One of the thousand novels everyone must read.” The Guardian

“And I have never read anything as beautiful as that . . . So begins “The Portrait of a Lady,” and its opening chords, quiet as they are, have almost no match in English-speaking literature.” Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

“One of the most enthralling and enchanting novels that I've read in a long, long time.” Christopher H.

“The Portrait of a Lady is Henry James's most famous work, and Isabel Archer his most famous heroine. This is James at his best.” Litlovers

“The story of a young American woman "affronting her destiny", James endows his heroine with every possibility for freedom and happiness — an inheritance, independence of mind and beauty — only for her to become trapped by the Machiavellian Madame Merle and the sinister Osmond. Not even a passionate embrace with the manly Caspar Goodwood (is there a sexier kiss in all of literature?) can make her change her mind and renounce her duty.” Lisa Allardice, The Guardian

THE PORTRAIT OF THE LADY is one of the greatest novels of all time in a beautifully presented edition specially designed for kindle. This is Henry James’ masterpiece which will stay with you forever.

Sunday, 10 November 2013



3 Great Adventure Books in one beautifully illustrated edition

“Great value classics wonderfully presented for kindle, these are 3 adventure books that rank as some of the best ever written” Classic Fiction

Includes complete and unabridged:

Three of the greatest adventure novels ever written, which define the genre
-Illustrated with stunning images and many of the original illustrations
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“It is no exaggeration to say “Monte Cristo” still ranks as one of the most exciting stories imaginable, one every bit as good as anything Steven Spielberg or J.K. Rowling could ever conjure up. Edmond Dantes, a young sailor on the cusp of being named captain of a cargo ship and preparing to marry his sweetheart, becomes the victim of a plot by envious rivals” CS Monitor
“Page-turners like this one never age . . . you always want to find out what happens next.” Neil Smith

“This is definitely my favourite classic, I loved the dark atmosphere of the book, and the setting being Notre-Dame, which is one of my favourite places in Paris. It's not entirely dark and horrible, there are times when it can be humorous, but it's brutal in terms of showing what obsession can become when it's misunderstood as love and the true form of love shown by other characters.” Leah

“Journey to the Center of the Earth is a rousing good adventure, however, and an excellent example of early science fiction. Jules Verne was an amazing pioneer with an appealing style that is still effective one hundred and fifty years later.“ Bookworm Blather
“His descriptions evoke the loneliness and eerie silence of the caves they travel through, the desperation they experience with losing equipment or food 

Friday, 8 November 2013

MOBY DICK by Herman Melville

MOBY DICK (illustrated, complete, and unabridged 160th Anniversary Edition)

The Definitive Edition of MOBY DICK
-Illustrated with fascinating period illustrations of whaling and ships
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly
“One of the 1000 novels everyone must read.” The Guardian

“Surprisingly funny, wholly engaging, and deserving of its lofty rank among the canon of American literature; I enjoyed every page of Melville's Moby-Dick.” Amanda

“I may re-read it in a few years just to get back onto the Pequod and feel that cool salt sea air brush against my face and live among the crew again. I recommend this great novel to EVERYONE!” Martha

“But “Moby-Dick” is not a novel. It’s barely a book at all. It’s more an act of transference, of ideas and evocations hung around the vast and unknowable shape of the whale, an extended musing on the strange meeting of human history and natural history. It is, above all, a sui-generis creation, one that came into the world as an unnatural, immaculate conception.” Philip Hoare, The New Yorker

“We all know the story: man seeks unattainable object of deranged desire and causes general devastation in the process. This is the novel of restless human drive: to perfection, to mastery, to madness, to write a novel in the first place, to aim for something other than "a damp, drizzly November in the soul".” Chris Ross, The Guardian

MOBY DICK is one of the most exciting and profound novels of all time. Presented in a beautiful edition to mark the 160th anniversary of this classic, specially designed for kindle, this is Melville’s masterpiece of obsession which will stay with you forever.  



“I read well into the night to find out if Megan would end up with Jamie, after they are snowed in together in beautiful Scotland. Curl up with this great book in front of a nice log fire!” Ann Devon 

“Well written and a great read, this is a compelling romance novel.” Beth Boyd, bestselling author of Love 

“A delightful winter romance that will warm your heart on a cold night. Made me wish I was snowed in with a cute guy.” Sarah Williams 

A brilliant romance novel with a wonderful winter setting, which you won’t be able to put down 
Far from spending a cosy Christmas with her highflying boyfriend the arrogant Douglas, aspiring actress Megan finds herself snowbound in a cottage in the beautiful but frozen Highlands of Scotland. Prepared to wait until the snow melts, Megan is surprised by a knock on the door by the handsome Jamie, also stranded in the snowy wilderness. With little in the way of Christmas treats to share between them, they survive and prosper with Jamie's wit and Megan's creativity. But come the melting of the ice and a return to the real world, will they find a way to continue the fun they shared in each other's company? 

Also available on Amazon by bestselling author Patricia Keyson: THE MAGIC TOUCH, HOLIDAY ROMANCE, and SUZI LEARNS TO LOVE AGAIN. 



Bud Craig, author of the crime thriller TACKLING DEATH talks about writing with NSNB

TACKLING DEATH (a crime thriller)
Q. Bud you’ve written much in the past, what drives you to write?
A. Writing has its frustrations, but when it all starts coming together (usually after I’ve written and rejected lots of stuff) it’s very satisfying. I can’t imagine not writing. And it’s a solitary occupation, so it suits a miserable bugger like me!

      Q: What made you write this particular book?
About 5 or 6 years ago I resuscitated an old idea. I wanted to set it in Salford, where I was born and bred. For most of my adult life I have lived in a village near Darlington, quite a contrast with my early life. I barely recognize my home town now. This distance probably made it more interesting to write.   
The basic plot has remained unchanged throughout the writing process, so I suppose the urge to tell the story was a strong motivating factor. It was slow going at first - I was writing other things as well and it was hard to get it right. I’d almost given up on it a couple of times. In the end it was sheer determination that made me write it. After several drafts I did some drastic pruning and made the style more direct. I kept telling myself, ‘You can make something of this.’
Now Not So Noble Books say it has ‘good cohesion, narrative flow and a natural style’. Who am I to argue? Those are the things I’m constantly striving for. I’ve never been all that keen on hard work, but believe me I worked on this.

Q. Name your favourite crime writers. What is the best crime novel of all time and why?
My favourite crime writers at the moment are, in no particular order, Simon Brett, Laura Wilson, Kate Ellis and John Dean. They all tell a good story but I particularly like their believable central characters.
Simon Brett was judge of the Steyning Short Story Competition in 2012. He chose my entry as one of the highly commended ones and said nice things about it so now I like him even more! The contest was judged anonymously so he doesn’t know my name. Perhaps we should tell him!  
My favourite non-crime writer is PG Wodehouse. I recently read Pat Barker’s latest book, Toby’s Room, on my Kindle. It’s fantastic. Another writer I like is Deborah Moggach - I’ve read most of her books and have been catching up on her back catalogue.
I haven’t got a best ever crime book, I’m afraid.

      Q: Your daughter is a successful novelist, tell us a little about her books.
Her first book, Northern Soul Revival by Claire Moss, was published a couple of years ago. It’s a modern romance and it’s brilliant. (I know I would say that - if you don’t believe me read it!) It is set in Sheffield, Tasmania and a fictional North Yorkshire town.
I was drawn into it from the first and soon forgot my daughter had written it. It has some very funny passages, good dialogue and strong characters. It is marketed as a ‘woman’s book’ but the male protagonist is particularly good, I think.
Claire has recently signed a two book deal with Carina UK. Her next book Who Do You Think You Are? will be out as an e-book, probably in November 2013. It is set in the present day, with flashbacks to the miners’ strike of 1984 and 1985.

Q. Is yours a literary household then?  Where did you get the bug?
I don’t know about literary, that sounds a bit grand. We certainly have a lot of books - there are some in every room in the house. Thank goodness for e-books, otherwise we’d be overrun by now!  
All the family are avid readers. I’m sure my 4 grandchildren will grow up to be book lovers.
My younger daughter, Ruth was runner up in the Sid Chaplin Short Story Competition when she was about 14 and when she has time she may get back to writing.  
My wife, Ann, concentrates on arts and crafts, for which I have absolutely no talent. 
How did I get the writing bug?  I suppose I wanted to do something creative. I like words and people have said I’m good with words. Maybe that’s it, but really these things can’t be explained.

Q. How important was success in writing competitions to your progress as a writer?
I would say two things in particular have helped me progress: writing competitions and joining the Inkerman Writers, a Darlington writing group.
Competitions first. In 2005 I was shortlisted in a novel writing competition in Writers’ Forum. A few months later I got  a rave review - no exaggeration- when I was shortlisted in Opening Lines on Radio 4. This was with The Final Test, a short story set during the 2005 Ashes series. (I’m a big cricket fan. I heard about Not So Noble Books’ interest in publishing Tackling Death the day Durham won the county championship. Does it get any better than that?)  
Things went on from there. In all I have done well in competitions on about 20 occasions. This includes being shortlisted in the Kenneth Branagh Windsor Festival Drama Awards 2 years running. 
I haven’t made much money from competitions, but this is the sort of thing that has helped keep me going.
I joined the Inkermans in 2003. We attend writing classes run by crime writer, John Dean. Three of us have been members for 10 years, many for 5 years or more. I have learned to write short stories while I have been with the group and have benefitted from my fellow writers’ feedback. It’s not a question of being told how to write (that’s impossible anyway). It’s more subtle than that. Learning to write is a gradual, incremental process and is mainly up to you. And you must practice!

Q. How has your career as a social worker informed your writing?
I first got published in Community Care, a social work magazine more years ago than I’m prepared to admit. They paid me what seemed like a lot of money at the time for The Adventure of Ivor Problem episodes one and two. These satirical stories were called It Doesn’t Matter Any More and Mama Weer All Crazee Now. I have recently written updated versions. They’re still getting laughs.
Tackling Death is partly set in a social work office, but I don’t think the book’s about social work. The setting, and Gus’s occupation, are things I have experienced. In social work, “All Human Life is Here”, as a newspaper said of itself in the old days. So I reckon it must have influenced me, even though I’m not always aware of it. As with Salford I am more distanced from it now. On a personal level this is quite a relief, given the current headlines about social work.
The titles of the Ivor Problem stories show how pop music has inspired my writing. Most of the work I have had success with has mentioned Elvis, though I’m not sure what that means. The King of Rock’n’Roll can’t tell us as he has left the building.
Sport gets the occasional mention too, for example in The Final Test. The best short story I’ve ever written is called Marching On, partly set at the time of the Munich air crash. One of the plays shortlisted in the Windsor Awards is based on this. And of course Rugby League features a bit inTackling Death.   

Q: Sum up your book in tweetable length.
I’ve never tweeted in my life but here goes:
Gus finds boss’s body. Becomes Private Eye. Investigates murder and that’s just the start of it!

Q. When are we going to see the sequel?
No pressure, I suppose? It’s too early to say at the minute, but I’ll be giving this priority above other writing. I’ve made a start and know who gets killed and whodunnit.  All I have to do is write it! 

Read Bud Craig’s crime thriller TACKLING DEATH here:

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OUR MUTUAL FRIEND by Charles Dickens

OUR MUTUAL FRIEND ( with illustrations from its first publication)

The Definitive Edition of OUR MUTUAL FRIEND
-With illustrations by Marcus Stone from its first publication
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Epic Charles Dickens tale of passion, greed and betrayal. Lizzie and her father scrape a living on the banks of the Thames until one day they recover a body that links them with another world.” BBC

“Dickens' last full novel, and his best in my opinion. Will the aristocratic Eugene seduce the noble working-class Lizzie, or repent? . . . Will everyone good wind up married and/or rich anyway?” Zab

“Described as Dickens' best comic novel, it really is chock-full of wonderful characters once the story gets going it pulled me along with it. There's conspiracy, greed, redemption, romance and plenty of sarcastic social commentary. A Tale of Two Cities used to be my favorite Dickens novel, but I think Our Mutual Friend may claim that place.” Heidi

OUR MUTUAL FRIEND is one of the most profound and exciting novels of all time. It has been made into many film and television adaptations. This is Dickens’ masterpiece presented as it was meant to be read, with original illustrations approved by Dickens himself.  


4 Classic Romance Books in one beautifully illustrated edition

“Wonderfully presented for kindle, these are 4 romance books universally acknowledged as among the best ever. They represent some of the greatest achievements in world literature.” Classic Romance Fiction

Includes complete and unabridged:

Four of the greatest romance novels ever written, which define the genre
-Illustrated with stunning images
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Possibly the greatest novel ever written. Tolstoy captures the rollercoaster arc of Anna's passion for Vronsky, and shows us the impossibility of her love ever being a match for what she's lost. “ Esther Freud

“Ivan Turgenev's novella First Love is one of the most perfect things ever written.” H. Matar
“One of the thousand novels everyone should read” The Guardian
“In so much of Turgenev's finest fiction, love fades, slips away, vanishes before it can even flower.” New York Times

“Winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize, The Age of Innocence is Edith Wharton’s masterful portrait of desire and betrayal during the sumptuous Golden Age of Old New York” Goodreads

“Poor Emma Bovary. She will never escape the tyranny of her desires, never avoid the anguish into which her romantic conceits deliver her, never claim the oblivion she sought .” New York Times 

Monday, 4 November 2013


THE CHARLES DICKENS COLLECTION (with the true illustrations)

4 of Charles Dickens’ Greatest Novels in one beautifully illustrated edition

“Most people would agree that these are four must read masterpieces by Charles Dickens. Wonderful to see them with their original illustrations.” Classic Fiction

Includes complete and unabridged:

Four of the greatest novels ever written, which define his oeuvre
-Illustrated with the stunning original illustrations which bring the texts to life
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“The characters are amazing. The setting is perfect. The plot manages to throw out hundreds of threads and ties them all together at the end, while never losing or boring the reader.” Darwin8u
“Oliver Twist has taken its place near the very top of my all time favorite books. It is a relatively fast-paced adventure story containing all the elements of great fiction.” Jim Kinkade
“Oliver Twist- one of Charles Dickens’s most famous novels tells the tale of a young orphaned boy named Oliver. Born in a workhouse, Oliver Twist follows Oliver as he endures turbulent times in nineteenth century London- a city plagued by poverty, crime and malice. As the road goes on for Oliver he meets the wonderfully created characters such as the miserly Fagin, the troubled Nancy, the ever so sweet Rose Maylie and the charismatic Artful Dodger.” The Streetlight Reader

“Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities thrives on tension and conflict, all set against a bloody backdrop of the French Revolution . . . Through the senses, Dickens transports us deeper and deeper into another era with each turn of the page. Smell the acidity of red wine as it spills on the streets and ominously stains the faces, hands and feet of peasants who lap it up in desperation; feel the competing emotions of heartache and hope as one of Lucie's suitors stands trial; hear the cries of the raging mob and the clangs of their weapons as they storm the Bastille; see the glint of the guillotine as it falls swiftly to its victim below. The novel's sense of urgency and intimacy will draw you in and propel you through one of the most tumultuous times in history.” Oprah’s Book Club

“David Copperfield by Charles Dickens was a superb story with an engaging cast of characters, and I think this might be Dickens’ greatest achievement yet.” Midnightfaerie
“This has got to be one of the best books I’ve ever read. The vivid descriptions of the characters were just fun to read.” John

“Great Expectations is a masterpiece.” The Atlantic
“Great Expectations is an unforgettable tale of fate and a chance encounter between two strangers that radically and arbitrarily alters the lives of everyone around them.” 

Friday, 1 November 2013



"LOL funny, rude, and offensive in a nice way. Get it for your inner ugly man!"

“If you like Monty Python, The Onion, or just laughing about men’s eternal and pathetic quest to meet women then you will love this.”

A hilarious how to guide that will make any man (or woman) laugh

The Ugly Man's A-Z Guide To Getting Laid is a tongue-in-cheek accompaniment to the aesthetically forlorn man's social paralysis, providing 24-hour, alphabetical guidance on how best to turn sexual famine into something marginally more than a hand-held party for one.

“The RRP of my sexual encounters has dropped significantly since having this book read to me.” Stephen Gawking, Tribulator, Oxford, England

“Up until receiving this book as a present, I thought a Kentucky Family Bucket was the closest I'd get to a modified chick. Bwoy! I was wrong.” Marshal Lloyd, Lady Bwoy, Atlanta, USA

“After learning to read just to put these wonderful tips into practice, the entirety of my weekly dole money has been spent on condoms. My right hand now permanently stinks of rubber.” Trippaniel Fall, Unemployable, Enfield, England

“Prior to digesting this guide, I thought I was just plain ugly. Turns out I'm brutiful.” Ted Ray, Vet, Arkinsas, USA 

A brilliant romance novel about finding love again 
"A story of two people working out if they can fall in love. The characters and story feel real and alive." Beth Boyd, best-selling author of ‘Love’ 

"A feel-good romance, and a real page turner!" Julie 

"This is a beautifully told book and Suzi is believable and engaging with an interesting choice." Sarah Westin 

When a disruptive kid joins her class, teacher Suzi is immediately attracted to his father Cameron. But handsome architect Cameron’s situation is complicated and Suzi isn’t sure she is ready for love after recently losing her husband. Will they work it out or has the perfect man come too soon for Suzi? A heart-warming full length romance novel which you won’t be able to put down. 

Patricia Keyson is the best-selling author of HOLIDAY ROMANCE and THE MAGIC TOUCH, also available on Kindle.