Sunday, 29 June 2014

New horror fiction release @NotSoNobleBooks THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING by Martyn Taylor.

A dark shadow falls upon a sleepy English town 

Peter Mann is a rational chap, so when his brother dies, supernatural causes are far from his mind. But at what price do we not recognise the dark forces around us; when the balance of good and evil is so precarious? These are the questions that will confront Peter and his nephew Billy when a series of macabre events make them admit that true malevolence has come to town.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Release: THE DAY OF DESTINY book III in The Guinevere Trilogy by Lavinia Collins. 

“I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with even a passing interest in romance, fantasy, or legend.” Rebecca 

“I was completely swept up in the story” Anouska 

“Such an entertaining read! Engaging, thoughtful and brilliantly written.” Henry 

As Guinevere’s affair with Lancelot becomes public, Mordred forces Arthur’s hand and she is put to the pyre. Saved at the last minute by Lancelot, she is taken from Camelot to Joyous Guard, but before long Arthur gathers his armies to lay siege to the castle and begin a war that will threaten everything. 

The Day of Destiny is the third title in Lavinia Collins’ highly acclaimed trilogy recounting life at King Arthur’s court from the point of view of Queen Guinevere.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Save £2.99 on this bestselling kindle thriller

FREE THRILLER Pretty Girls Make Graves by John Yorvik 

June 18 to 22

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES (crime thriller books)

“An exciting thriller with the authentic gritty flavour of London’s underworld.” Ann Abrams 

“A great read which has Lishman up against sinister forces trying to frame him for the murder of a pretty young Polish woman.” Chris Child 

“A true page turner with a dark conspiracy at its heart. If you like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books you’ll love this.” Norman Andrews 

“Intelligent and atmospheric, with a gripping plot and complex believable characters.” Clare Brenton 

A thrilling mystery novel which will have you up all night following its twist and turns 
On a wild night out Lishman seduces the beautiful Natasha Rok. Three days later, news of Natasha’s murder is splashed all over the newspapers and Lishman is the prime suspect. Lishman, unable to remember much about the drunken night of passion, makes a snap decision to run. He becomes a fugitive hiding out on the backstreets of London, hunted through underground tunnels and canal networks. With the help of Dani, an edgy female photographer friend, he ventures into the murky world of East End gangs and conspiracy theories to unravel the mystery behind Natasha’s death and try to save himself. 

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES is a gripping thriller by the talented new writer John Yorvik. 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

free kindle romance

HOLIDAY ROMANCE by Patricia Keyson

Save £2.99 Free 16-20 June

HOLIDAY ROMANCE (romantic suspense)

A wonderful summer romance which you won’t be able to put down

“The perfect beach read. Well written, with great characters, and a suspenseful story which will keep you guessing till the end” Beth Boyd

“ ***** A lovely book with a realistic heroine and a mystery which doesn’t get solved till the exciting climax.” Hilary Clarke

“A great romance novel, you’ll love this heartwarming story set in the Spanish Sun! Couldn’t put it down.” Clare Barnes

Dee is a young English woman who’s vowed not to fall for another charming Mediterranean man. Then she meets handsome Freddie while working at the Hotel Paradiso on the idyllic Spanish Coast. However his charming Uncle Miguel comes between them, and seems to endanger Dee’s friend Karen. Has Dee found her perfect match with Freddie or will Miguel mess it all up? Find out in this full length holiday romance which will keep you busy reading by the pool! 

Friday, 13 June 2014

FREE WATER 14 to 18 June


FREE from this Saturday 14 June!

WATER (literary fiction)

'A page turner.’ -- Matthew Collings

"A great read, romantic, and a little tragic, I wanted to know how it all turned out ... The story is very funny and well written." Book Devourer

"A pacey and satisfying story punctuated by amusing and at times meaningful reflections about love, life and art." Swiss

"Dark humour, a self-conscious young artist falling in and out of love with disastrous consequences." Chris Child

'I love this book because it is so true . . . But the book is also funny. It is written in a breathless, bitty style which reminds me of Dunthorne's Submarine. The main character is egotistical but somehow you love him because he tries so hard to please others' Paloma

'A sort of absurdist, amoral fable ... There is something exquisitely tragic about Water's life, a repetitive parade of posh restaurants, press views and disinterested flings. Ultimately, he's a tad boring - not something you could say about the novel he stars in.' Richard Godwin, Literary Review

“Hilarious reading ... it's hard not to like him.”

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

FREE KINDLE romance suspense novel June 4 to 8

 Seduction & Mashed Potato by Janis McBride Kindle romance mystery

SEDUCTION & MASHED POTATO (romance mystery  books)

“Seduction & Mashed Potato is a charming, funny, romantic novel with amazing and wonderful characters. I couldn't put it down.” Beth Boyd (best-selling author of Love)

“This is a beautifully-told romance that will appeal to everyone who loves suspense and true love. Set in a wonderful country house, it’s part Cluedo, part Downton Abbey.” Sarah Benson

A gripping period romance novel with suspense, humour, and wonderful warmth
Molly Batters is a successful cookbook and romance writer living in Battersby Hall. When she meets and falls in love with publisher Mr Tidy, all is set fair for a fine romance. They are both widowed, both dog lovers, and both grasping rather awkwardly at a second chance of happiness. However, their love is threatened by the dark plans of those around them, including the menacing gardener, Thompson.

Set in 1960s Yorkshire and London, this is a brilliantly quirky book which will have you up all night to find out whether Molly and Mr Tidy will live happily ever after, or be swept away by the dastardly passions of those working for them.

Seduction & Mashed Potato is Janis McBride’s debut novel. Look out for her short story collection coming soon.