Saturday, 20 June 2015


A family is torn apart by a murder

“A gripping mystery with realistic characters and a troubled detective on the case.” Beth Boyd

“An expertly plotted detective mystery by the best-selling author T.J Brearton. Kept me reading for a few restless nights.” Chris Child

Who killed a teenager and left the body in the snow?
Mike and Callie Simpkins moved north to restart their lives and get their finances back on track. But their son Braxton withdraws into a dark online world. When he decides to meet some of the players in the real world, tragedy strikes, and the family is torn apart.

Detective John Swift must untangle a web of virtual and real crimes in order to solve this complex mystery. And as the family copes with unimaginable grief, even Braxton’s stepfather Mike comes under suspicion.

T.J. Brearton is the best-selling crime thriller and mystery author of HABIT, SURVIVORS and HIGHWATER, as well as the suspense short story collection GUNPLAY. 

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