Saturday, 27 June 2015

FREE GHOST STORY KINDLE ebook 27 June to 1 July

A haunting suspenseful tale. Will Carole change her life or end up lonely and sad?

"A scary, moving, contemporary ghost story" Ann Abrams

“A great suspenseful novella which will have you gripped."

“This book might just change your view of life.”

It's the night before Christmas and Carol gets a visit that she'll never forget. Can she change course before it’s too late? What would you do if you could see your future?

Carole Goodge is a 35 year old workaholic lawyer with her own practice just off Regent Street. She has sacrificed everything to build her career and make money. Obsessively controlling and penny pinching she employs one poorly paid assistant paralegal Neeta, a single mum of a young daughter. On the night before Christmas, Carole returns to her office to pick up some papers and when she gets home she is confronted by her ex-partner’s ghost Jake Farley, who was tragically killed seven years ago just when they were setting up their firm Farley Goodge.

Farley tells her she will be receiving messages from three ghosts: Then, Now, and Next….

Find out what happens in this brilliant, scary, and exciting book inspired by Charles Dickens’ classic ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Also by Chris Child and available on Amazon now
The thriller ‘Heckle’ described as ‘A beautiful twisting tale which has a gripping and shocking conclusion.’
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