Thursday, 22 January 2015

NEW RELEASE: Suspense Stories by T. J. Brearton

ANTS, GUNPLAY, TWINS: three gripping suspense stories

Three suspenseful short stories filled with surprises and standoffs

“If you like Carl Hiaasen, you’ll love this great collection. There are drug runners, thieves, gators, and a city where things have gone badly wrong.” Chris Child

Short stories with great characters and real tension
In “The Ant Queen” a man with a very important package breaks down in the Florida swamps. But how he got there is a long story involving ant poison and women’s retail. While in “Gunplay” a Hollywood lawyer has his cynicism pierced by a couple of unusual intruders hunting for something extremely precious.

T.J. Brearton is the acclaimed author of amazon #1 bestselling detective thriller HABIT:
“Detective Brendan Healy solves a complex case, facing his own demons, in a brilliant police procedural with a dark conspiracy in the background.”

His other books include SURVIVORS and HIGHWATER. 

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