Wednesday, 4 December 2013

New thriller title available from Not So Noble Books. The classic in the making MY CROOKED LITTLE SISTER by Sophie Jonas-Hill

“I wish I had written this book!” Ann Abrams, author of Mobius

“A perfectly crafted thriller. A cult classic in the making.” John Limes

“Dark, hot and dangerous. A brilliant read.” Marianna Cage

My Crooked Little Sister – a twisted noir for the Facebook generation

A woman staggers into a decrepit fishing shack in the Louisiana back woods, with no memory, a gun and a bullet wound. Enter Red, a stranger in a strange place, in time to catch her as she falls. Trapped in the sweating heat of the swamp, with no car, no phone, and no one around for miles, the ex-soldier offers her refuge and the name ‘Margarita’. When night falls, cabin fever and suspicions set in, as Margarita discovers that Red is not the stranger he claimed to be. But how are they connected, and who shot her? The deeper we get into Margarita’s story, the more we become embroiled in a dark game of wits before all the players, both real and imaginary, have fully revealed themselves. 

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