Sunday, 2 June 2013

THE WAVES by Virginia Woolf

THE WAVES (illustrated)

The Definitive Edition of THE WAVES
-Illustrated with period photos
-Complete and unabridged text
-Formatted for kindle

“A beautiful novel with language and imagery unmatched in 20th-century English literature". Becky Nordensten

“The imagery, the cornucopia of metaphors, the insecurities and the accomplishments of the characters, and the lingering presence of a dear departed friend results in a book that necessitates a re-read. And another read. A single read is not enough to appreciate The Waves the Woolf has woven, at what has to be her best.” Anothercookiecrumbles

“The Waves is Virginia Woolf's "play-poem", as she called it; a colloquy of six voices. It is about both continuity and difference, about both the instability and constancy of the self and of friendship: "We come up differently, for ever and ever." It is a record of six characters' "attempts to say 'I am this, I am that'"; but it is also a testament to their shared identity.” Amy Sackville, The Independent

“This prose, this imagery, is not in other words a medium, but an end in itself. The texture of the prose is a warp of sensory impressions woven into woof of poetical abstraction. As prose it has very often a high distinction--it is clear, bright, burnished, at once marvelously accurate and subtly connotative. The pure, delicate sensibility found in this language and the moods that it expresses are a true kind of poetry. And since literature comes before the novel, and "The Waves" reaches the level of literature, whether it is a good or bad novel, or any novel at all, is not really important. Bernard's summing up at the end, for instance, of what their lives have meant--a cohesive, exquisite and sometimes moving stretch of writing--must be allowed, if no precedent exists for it, to set its own.” The New York Times

THE WAVES is Virginia Woolf’s beautifully written masterpiece of 20th Century literature now available in this specially presented edition. 

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