Sunday, 30 June 2013

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (with the original Illustrations)

The Definitive Edition of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES
-Including ALL the original beautiful period illustrations from the 1908 first edition
-Complete and unabridged text
-Active table of contents to quickly go to the chapter you want

”The story of how a fiery, independent-minded 11-year-old captured the hearts of fictional Avonlea has sold 50 million books in 36 languages” New York Times

“My wish is that everyone on the planet has a book like this in their lives – a book you can read over and over again, a book that makes you feel instantly comforted and that each reading reveals something new.” Chandra

“I am probably the only adult women in the world who has not read this book so after years of it nagging at me I finally read it. Like everyone else, loved it. It was full of charm.” Jennifer

“Anne is the story of an orphaned, red-headed, freckled, 11-year-old girl who's been sent to the Green Gables farm in Avonlea by mistake . . . Anne's subsequent adventures, awkward scrapes, aesthetic hyperventilations and temper tantrums are both touching and amusing, as she grows from ugly-duckling waif to talented and beautiful swan, having dyed her hair temporarily green in the meantime ” Margaret Atwood

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is one of the most magical novels of all time. Presented in a beautiful edition specially designed for kindle, this is L. M Montgomery’s masterpiece which will stay with you forever. Read it as it was meant to be presented. 

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