Monday, 4 May 2015

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by Diane M Dickson

Action packed and full of suspense, the latest thriller from Diane Dickson

Tired of her aggressive boyfriend, Sylvie becomes fascinated by a strange man who lives alone in the woods. It is rumoured he has piles of hidden money and a whole load of secrets.

Sylvie gets close to him but soon discovers that he is in real danger too. With his enemies closing in and as she learns of his dark past she asks herself, “Have I come too far to turn back?”

Saturday, 2 May 2015

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Iris is falling in love with the father of her child. The only problem is she never told him they had a daughter

“What a great read! I loved this book and read the whole thing in one session.” Beth Boyd

“Will Iris lose her daughter? Or will she find the love she’s always longed for?” Lucy Andrews

“Iris, Sergio, and Paola should be a great family, but she can’t trust him, and he’s too arrogant to ever back down over anything.” Sarah Chambers

A romance novel that you won’t be able to put down
Iris Brown is a single parent doing her best to raise her beautiful two-year-old daughter, Paola. But when Sergio, Paola’s father, a dashing-but-arrogant Spanish businessman comes back on the scene, everyone’s lives are thrown into chaos. She fears he may take Paola away from her. Iris must decide what’s best for her and her daughter, and whether she can ever trust Sergio again.

He broke her heart once. Will she let him do it again?

Emma Bennet is the author of “The Green Hills of Home” a stunning romance set in the beautiful Welsh countryside. It has received fantastic reviews averaging 4.7 stars on Amazon UK.

Also available by Emma Bennet: "JUST DESSERTS" Leah is falling for handsome French chef Jean-Claude. But she’s meant to be getting married to Dan in a few weeks! 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015



“ ***** The most romantic book you will read this year. I couldn’t put my kindle down until I found out whether Karen and Adam would find happiness and true love.” Ann Stephens

"I could not put it down and definitely suggest it to everyone! A true captivating page turner!" Michele Brasher

"This was a lovely, easy, couldn't put it down read. Really enjoyed it"

"This is a very well-written, funny, romantic novel. Karen, the main character, is very believable and realistic." W.B

LOVE is a charming, funny and romantic novel which you won't be able to put down

The achingly romantic story of Karen’s search for independence AND love. Karen meets Adam when she goes to look after her grandmother’s adorable dog and beautiful Cornish seaside cottage. Adam is Karen’s childhood sweetheart now fully grown into a dashing but inscrutable travel writer. Their love seems to be written in the stars, but events and a pushy estate-agent called Nick come between them. Will they end up together, and will Karen work out whether she can pursue her artistic dreams and succeed in love?

Beautifully written and evocative, this full length novel will delight you with its wonderful romance, humour, and stunning setting.

Readers of Love may also enjoy Emma Bennet's "His Secret Daughter."
"Iris is falling in love with the father of her child. The only problem is she never told him they had a daughter."

Sunday, 19 April 2015


A gripping thriller set in the underbelly of London

“A great read, Lishman’s on the run again. He faces government agents, and some even deadlier enemies.” Emma Charles 

“Hard to put down. A dark thriller with an intricate conspiracy in the background.” Chris Child 

Lishman thought he had his life back. He was wrong. 
Lishman, a journalist with a talent for trouble, was framed for the murder of a woman and had to fight to clear his name. Now he finds himself in an even more dangerous situation. A shadowy group wants him to work for them, spreading their lies in the media. 

Lishman investigates a massive conspiracy that threatens his sanity and risks the lives of those close to him. And what about his dangerous old friend Marty, who’s returned from the dead, and wants to ruin Lishman’s life all over again? 

“Divine Hunger” is the second book in the Camden Noir trilogy, Book One, “Pretty Girls Make Graves,” is available now. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


DARK CITY a stunning mystery for Kindle ebook

“A noirish detective mystery brought right up to date. Great atmosphere and twists and turns.” Sarah Lancaster 

“Loved this book. Gripping, stylishly written, and hard to put down, with some cool black humor.” Chris Lamb 

“Great read. I didn’t guess who the murderer was!” Jenny Davis 

A locked room. A dead body. No clues. 
Detective Dylan Knox thought he’d seen it all till he walked into this nightmare case. George Hobbes is found dead in a locked room. How did he get there and who killed him? 

With the city on the edge of panic, Detective Knox is under pressure to solve what seems like the perfect murder. He and his partner dig deep to solve a mystery where the clues are hard to come by. The suspects include the dead man’s eccentric family, who all seem more than capable of murder but have got solid alibis. 
Can Detective Knox solve his toughest case yet? And will he keep his cool under the spotlight of the press and the dark city? 

Find out in Dark City, Christopher Colavito’s brilliant detective mystery. 


What happens when you meet the man of your dreams in real life?

“This is a wonderful romance novel, with an interesting take on the fairy-tale romance with a movie star.” Sarah Lancing

"A great romance read, couldn't put it down." Emily Drew

“A fun read with good characters and lots of twists and turns.” Emma Williams

Can Thea find love with a star?
Thea is a young woman who loves her job in TV, but hates her boss Hermione. When she gets a chance to interview her favourite movie star, Justin Anderson, her work gets a lot better. But Hermione will do anything to sabotage the blossoming romance between Thea and the handsome mega-star.

Then Thea gets the chance to stay in Justin’s country mansion and do some in-depth research. It turns out there's more to him than meets the eye, including a passion for helping abused animals.
But is he really as nice as he seems? Will she become another one of his easy conquests or something more?

Patricia Keyson is the best-selling romance author of:
A FAMILY SAGA "A wonderful read, emotional and good story."
THE MAGIC TOUCH Victorian Historical Romance Novel
LAW OF ATTRACTION A romantic historical novel set in the 1950s
HOLIDAY ROMANCE A summer reads romance fiction best seller
SNOWBOUND WITH A STRANGER which has been the #1 Free Romance Books best seller
CHERRY BLOSSOMS A wonderful romance novel with a spring setting
SUZI LEARNS TO LOVE AGAIN "A feel-good romance, and a real page turner!"
all available on Kindle now

There are occasional free romance promotions on many of these books.

Thursday, 9 April 2015



PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES (crime thriller books)
“An exciting thriller with the authentic gritty flavour of London’s underworld.” Ann Abrams

“A great read which has Lishman up against sinister forces trying to frame him for the murder of a pretty young Polish woman.” Chris Child

“A true page turner with a dark conspiracy at its heart. If you like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books you’ll love this.” Norman Andrews

“Intelligent and atmospheric, with a gripping plot and complex believable characters.” Clare Brenton

A thrilling mystery novel which will have you up all night following its twists and turns
On a wild night out Lishman seduces the beautiful Natasha Rok. Three days later, news of Natasha’s murder is splashed all over the newspapers and Lishman is the prime suspect. Lishman, unable to remember much about the drunken night of passion, makes a snap decision to run. He becomes a fugitive hiding out on the backstreets of London, hunted through underground tunnels and canal networks. With the help of Dani, an edgy female photographer friend, he ventures into the murky world of East End gangs and conspiracy theories to unravel the mystery behind Natasha’s death and try to save himself.

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES is a gripping thriller by the talented new writer John Yorvik.

BOOK 2 of The Camden Noir Trilogy is available now:
"Lishman thought he had his life back. He was wrong."