Wednesday, 5 June 2013

ORLANDO by Virginia Woolf

ORLANDO (Illustrated)

The Definitive Edition of ORLANDO
-Illustrated with period photos, including 4 of the original 1928 illustrations
-Complete and unabridged text, formatted for Kindle
-Active table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“The longest and most charming love-letter in literature.” Nigel Nicolson

“A poetic masterpiece of the first rank” Rebecca West

“It is as though we could live as we always wanted to; disappointments, difficulties, sorrow, love, children, lovers, nothing to be avoided, everything to be claimed. Not locked. Not limited. Ecstasy. Reading Orlando is a pleasure. It is like sitting up all night by the fire with an old friend and a bottle of wine, where the talk is easy, whether of great things or small, and when, as morning comes, you feel better.” Jeanette Winterson, New Statesman

“Woolf’s hero-heroine is hundreds of years old. At the beginning of the book Orlando is a boy of 16, melancholy, indolent, loving solitude and given to writing poetry; the age is the Elizabethan; the book ends on the 11th of October, 1928, and Orlando is a thoroughly modern matron of 36, who has published a successful book of poems and has evolved a hard-earned philosophy of life.” New York Times

ORLANDO is Virginia Woolf’s beautifully written unique masterpiece of 20th Century literature now available in this specially presented edition. It is the incredibly readable story of Orlando's journey through history and gender in search of his/her passionate dreams. 

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