Saturday, 29 June 2013

BINGE TRIP by Shane Bordoli

Binge Trip

A hilarious booze-fueled romp around the world's best night spots

“Bordoli takes you to places you would never go on your own. A wild ride" Ann Abrams

" A great read which will have you ROTFL" Steven Llowarch

“Some people go to Glastonbury. Glastonbury comes to Bordoli, and waits politely at the door.” Chris Child

BINGE TRIP is a wild drink and drug-fueled adventure through the world's high class night spots and low life hangouts. The autobiographical journey has plenty of artificial highs and lows as well as wild sex, exotic locations, and femme fatales. You will love this roller-coaster ride, and don't need to wake up with a massive hangover afterwards! A funny, crazy, and brilliantly written novella. 

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