Tuesday, 1 March 2016

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by Diane Dickson

Gripping, suspenseful psychological crime fiction with a stunning twist

Jed is a young real estate agent who is under pressure to perform. Libby is a confident but strange girl who lives on the edges of society, working as a caretaker of a valuable property called The Willows.

With apparent serendipity they meet. Not only does Jed feel attracted to his quirky young friend, it turns out she might secure him a lucrative contract, managing the sale of the building.

Allured by the promise of a great deal and praise from his superiors, Jed turns a blind eye to certain irregularities that he cannot quite explain. The question is, by the time he realises all is not as it seems, will he be in too deep to surface?

Diane M Dickson is the author of several crime fiction novels, all of which are available exclusively on Kindle.



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