Sunday, 13 March 2016

Free fantasy romance on Kindle today

THE EMPTY THRONE by Lavinia Collins

When young King Arthur takes Lot's wife, Morgawse, for his mistress, England will once again be thrown into war. Can the Scottish queen retain her dignity and protect her sons?

If you like Game of Thrones you will love this latest fantasy romance by Lavinia Collins.

A gripping new take on a secret treasure of medieval romance hidden in Arthurian legend

Old King Uther is dying. Morgawse’s greedy and ambitious husband Lot plans to take over and seize the crown. But a strange young boy is found claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne. Overwhelmed with anger, Lot sends Morgawse to the court at Camelot to spy on young Arthur.

As Morgawse gets more and more involved with Arthur she doesn’t realise the dangerous path she is treading.

Morgawse enjoys herself in the elaborate banquets in the great hall, the music and the dancing, and her new found freedom. She hates the old King Uther, but she is glad at the brief opportunity to get away from her capricious husband. A relationship with Arthur quickly develops, despite the risks. Morgawse senses a chance at a better life in Camelot. But the thought of her sons back in Lothian Castle troubles her. And then her mother Igraine arrives in Camelot with some deeply shocking news.

Whilst young King Arthur must prove himself if he is to defend his kingdom and secure lasting peace in the realm, Morgawse must stay strong and defiant.

“I could not put this book down. I cannot wait for the next in the series” Richard Ellis, Glastonbury

THE EMPTY THRONE is the first title in Morgawse, The Queen of the North Trilogy by best-selling historical romance and fantasy author Lavinia Collins. In this extraordinary retelling of the cherished King Arthur tales, follow the tenacious Morgawse on her journey through the intense and fascinating medieval world of jealousy, love, war and witchcraft.

Lavinia Collins is the author of two other epic chronicles of women in Arthurian legend. Check out her GUINEVERE and MORGAN trilogies, both available as single editions on kindle, and in collected versions on kindle and in paperback. 

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