Wednesday, 5 March 2014

FREE Kindle Novel THE RETURN by Lee Olds

THE RETURN (contemporary literary fiction)
"The pioneer of a new post-Beatnik generation.” New York Herald Tribune 

"Lee Olds is a thinking person’s writer. Here is a writer to watch." San Francisco Examiner 

"The Return is a stunning and surprising novel, with great characters and a strong narrative drive." Ann Abrams 

Sascha and her young daughter are on a ‘hippy’ road trip in their old VW camper van, before their return to Santa Barbara for a reconciliation with her violent and abusive artist husband, the girl’s father, following a separation. In a camp site off the beaten track they serendipitously meet Roberts, a charming hulk of a man who takes them under his wing and wins their confidence, despite his own troubled past. After spending some enchanting days in Roberts’ company exploring the idyllic wilds of California, the ever-anticipated and seemingly ever-forestalled return eventually comes to pass – yet only after the two women develop, in their own way, a strong bond with the stranger. But once in Santa Barbara will Sascha’s husband have changed his drunken, abusive ways and control his jealousy, and will the mother ever escape his wrath and find the complicated kind of freedom she discovered in the redwoods with Roberts?

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