Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth von Arnim


-illustrated with beautiful vintage images of gardens and flowers
-formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Von Arnim’s voice is so utterly charming, warm, witty and insightful that each page is a delight to read” Book Snob

'She has a wild sense of comedy and a vision continually thwarted though it was of potential happiness' Penelope Mortimer

“Between Elizabeth and her German Garden and this follow-up, I am not sure which one I enjoyed better. Perhaps I enjoyed her meandering writing a little more this time around, because I knew what to expect and so I could appreciate the small details better.” Iris on Books

“And so I’d slip into Solitary Summer and suddenly my vision is filled with flowers, roses, pansies, sweet peas, and the scent, oh I can almost smell them! I feel myself relaxing and by the time my commuter train pulls into my stop, I am grinning. And while it doesn’t last all day, I do find myself thinking of flowers and gardening and I begin to feel sick with spring fever.”

THE SOLITARY SUMMER is the sequel to the brilliant ‘Elizabeth and her German Garden’. It continues the best-selling story of Elizabeth who marries a German aristocrat and goes to live on his country estate where she falls in love with the garden she creates. In this book she decides she wants to spend a summer alone, without the usual guests, to concentrate on her garden and reading. Inspired by von Arnim’s real life marriage, it is a unique and witty picture of a magical place and time.

Elizabeth von Arnim was called ‘the smartest woman of her century’ by H. G. Wells, and her books have been referred to on ‘Downtown Abbey’. She was voted the most neglected female author in a poll by Radio 4 listeners. She is the author of “The Enchanted April” and “Vera” amongst other novels.  

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