Friday, 24 May 2013

AND NOW TOMORROW by Rachel Field

AND NOW TOMORROW (romance bestseller)

OVER 100,000 copies sold in hardback, a timeless and touching love story

“I read it cover to cover in one all-night session, and was deeply affected by Emily’s story. I really wanted to know what happened to her." Clare Allen

“A very emotional novel which is one of the books which inspired me to write romantic fiction” Beth Boyd

“A great romantic read, if you haven’t read it, you should! Couldn’t put it down.” Kate Melville

Who are you that a man can't make love to you? Emily Blair was a snobby rich girl till she became deaf through a serious illness. Emily is engaged to Harry, who while Emily is being treated, falls in love with her sister. By chance Emily meets Dr. Vance, a boy who thought she was stuck up when they were children. He agrees to try an experimental treatment on her which means they come into close proximity. Can he cure her and how will these four people find happiness? This was a top ten best-seller of its time and made into a classic movie starring Loretta Young. Now finally released as an eBook, here’s your chance to read one of the most magical love stories ever written. 

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