Thursday, 16 May 2013


‘New writer’s vision of a blockaded Britain where the French have filled the chunnel with sewage.’

Not So Noble Books, the independent digital publisher, is proud to announce the release of Dan Carver’s wildly funny and dark new novel RUIN NATION.

Released Friday May 3, RUIN NATION is a hilarious dystopian thriller describing a very British apocalypse. Following Not So Noble Book’s penchant for producing books very much of the times, such as ‘Woof Hall’, a parody of the Royal romance by Hilarity Mental, in RUIN NATION we get more than our fair share of horsemeat, lying politicians, and witness the rise of a new establishment from the ruins of the old order
About Not So Noble Books
London digital publishers Erik Empson and Jasper Joffe are proving just how you can sell books on the net. Since launching in June of last year with the best-selling MOBIUS, Not So Noble Books has added over twenty titles to its fast growing catalogue of non-conformist literature which in the new model of digital books allows rapid release and responses to current events.

Joffe comments: “Ebooks allow near daily revision of texts, covers, blurbs etc. They have changed what a book is, and allow direct access to the public without the filter of agents or big publishers. We can find the newest and best talent and get their books out there faster than ever.”

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