Friday, 22 February 2013

WATER, A Novel/Dark/Funny Romance by Jasper Joffe

WATER (A Novel/Dark/Funny/ Romance)
'A page turner.’ -- Matthew Collings

'I love this book because it is so true. The argument scenes feel real; they are bruising. But the book is also funny. It is written in a breathless, bitty style which reminds me of Dunthorne's Submarine. The main character is egotistical but somehow you love him because he tries so hard to please others around him and is so aware (and yet unaware, too) of his faults.' Paloma

'A sort of absurdist, amoral fable ... There is something exquisitely tragic about Water's life, a repetitive parade of posh restaurants, press views and disinterested flings. Ultimately, he's a tad boring - not something you could say about the novel he stars in.' Richard Godwin, Literary Review

“Hilarious reading ... it's hard not to like him.”

Can success buy happiness or is love more important?

Find out in this quirky funny novel written and illustrated by the acclaimed artist Jasper Joffe.

Meet Nathaniel Water
A young artist with a complicated love life and a character you won’t forget once you’ve got to know him. While his career is taking off, his love life descends into an ever-deepening mess. First he proposes marriage to his beautiful Slovak girlfriend, Jelena, with whom he fights constantly. But they split up almost as soon as they’re engaged. He then meets Harriet, Jelena's opposite, and marries her instead. But that’s not the end of it. Both women become pregnant at different stages, he leaves each of them at least once, and deserts both when they most need him. This wryly comic novel reveals the dangers of celebrity, and some complicated problems you'll enjoy seeing Nathaniel Water try to work out.

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