Thursday, 7 February 2013

First Love, Ivan Turgenev

FIRST LOVE (illustrated)

-illustrated with beautiful period photos
-complete and unabridged novella
-original translation

“Ivan Turgenev's novella First Love is one of the most perfect things ever written.” H. Matar

“One of the thousand novels everyone should read” The Guardian

“In so much of Turgenev's finest fiction, love fades, slips away, vanishes before it can even flower.” New York Times

A young man falls in love with his beautiful new neighbour only to discover that she is his father’s mistress. First Love is widely considered to be one of the greatest love stories of Russian literature. Ivan Turgenev’s classic novella is presented with beautiful period photos and in the original 1897 translation.

“There was in the girl's movements something so enchanting, imperious and caressing, so mocking and charming, that I nearly cried out with wonder and delight... I forgot everything; my eyes devoured the graceful figure, the lovely neck, the beautiful arms, the slightly dishevelled fair hair under the white kerchief—and the half-closed, perceptive eye, the lashes, the soft cheek beneath them..." from First Love by Ivan Turgenev

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