Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Free suspense thriller on Kindle today

Free on Kindle today

LEAVING GEORGE by Diane Dickson

A captivating suspense thriller to download right now!

Pauline is in hiding in a remote cottage. She has left her excuse for a husband and is planning a new life elsewhere. But something isn't right, someone is watching her, someone is out to get her...

“If you read only one book this year, pick this unputdownable thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.” Claire Harris

“Just when you think you know what will happen there is a clever twist!” Donna Sedley

“An engaging and thought provoking psychological thriller.” Eva Johnson

She made a carefully planned getaway that she thought left no trace...

After twenty years of hell, Pauline decides to leave her abusive husband. Her escape has been meticulously planned so that he will not be able to find her.

In her temporary hideaway on the Cornish coast, Pauline begins to relax and enjoy life again exploring the beach and taking in the simple rural charm. She plans a new life and savours her new found freedom.

Then some strange things begin to happen which make her question her choices.

When her past does catch up with her, it will not be at all what she is expecting.

Follow Pauline's journey in this gripping, suspenseful thriller you will not be able to put down.

Diane Dickson is the author of several crime thriller and suspense novels, all of which are available exclusively on Kindle. They include PICTURES OF YOU, LAYERS OF LIES, WHO FOLLOWS, THE GRAVE and the exciting new release of three novellas in one, KNOCK, KNOCK, YOU'RE DEAD. 

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