Monday, 4 April 2016

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London Psychos by George Helman

Three serial-killer crime fiction novels in one edition

Three gripping police procedural novels set in London, featuring detectives Dave McDonald and Shirley Palmer who tackle three separate serial killers. McDonald's encounter with the first, Richie Henders, who is convinced old people are evil and kills several, leaves the detective scarred, and his deteriorating mental health threatens the investigations that follow.

"Stunning books, excellent value. I didn't want them to end!"


Follow Detective Inspector Dave MacDonald and Detective Sergeant Shirley Palmer in three separate stories as they tackle three serial-killers terrorising England.

In the first novel, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG, after a head injury sustained fighting him, the voices of serial killer Richie Henders get into Dave MacDonald’s head. Soon the detective’s own mental health begins to deteriorate.

Young Shirley Palmer has to step up to the plate to help her senior officer, as he fails to deal with the strain. But being a black woman, she is up against it and has to fight prejudice in the force.

MacDonald’s strange, delirious behaviour gives him crucial insights into the killer’s mind in the second book, MORE THAN EVEN. However, it is Shirley Palmer’s steady police work that will bring a vengeful and deranged murderer to justice.

In ONE UP ON YOU, Macdonald is by now losing his job and Palmer is up for promotion. Their superintendent demands ever more of the team when joggers start to go missing in London’s parks. Palmer must trust Dave but makes a crucial mistake that puts everything in jeopardy.

If you enjoy edgy crime fiction that really connects with the culture of its setting, look no further than these gripping novels based in one of the world’s most dynamic, diverse and mysterious cities.

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