Tuesday, 11 August 2015

only 99p for LOVE, a romance novel you won't be able to put down



Has Karen finally met Mr Right?

Karen meets Adam when she goes to look after her grandmother's Cornish seaside cottage. But will pushy Nick and a possessive ex get in the way? Find out in this romance novel by best-selling author Beth Boyd. 

“The most romantic book you will read this year. I couldn’t put my kindle down until I found out whether Karen and Adam would find happiness and true love.” Ann Stephens 

"I could not put it down and definitely suggest it to everyone! A true captivating page turner!" Michele Brasher 

"This was a lovely, easy, couldn't put it down read. Really enjoyed it" 

LOVE is a charming, funny and romantic novel which you won't be able to put down 
The achingly romantic story of Karen’s search for independence AND love. Karen meets Adam when she goes to look after her grandmother’s adorable dog and beautiful Cornish seaside cottage. Adam is Karen’s childhood sweetheart now fully grown into a dashing but inscrutable travel writer. Their love seems to be written in the stars, but events and a pushy estate-agent called Nick come between them. Will they end up together, and will Karen work out whether she can pursue her artistic dreams and succeed in love? 

Beautifully written and evocative, this full-length romance novel will delight you with its wonderful plot, humour, and stunning setting. 

Readers of Love may also enjoy Emma Bennet's "His Secret Daughter." 
"Iris is falling in love with the father of her child. The only problem is she never told him they had a daughter."

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