Monday, 31 August 2015

FREE THRILLER 1-5 September

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PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES (crime thriller books)
“An exciting thriller with the authentic gritty flavour of London’s underworld.” Ann Abrams

“A great read which has Lishman up against sinister forces trying to frame him for the murder of a pretty young Polish woman.” Chris Child

“A true page turner with a dark conspiracy at its heart. If you like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books you’ll love this.” Norman Andrews

“Intelligent and atmospheric, with a gripping plot and complex believable characters.” Clare Brenton

A thrilling mystery novel which will have you up all night following its twists and turns
On a wild night out Lishman seduces the beautiful Natasha Rok. Three days later, news of Natasha’s murder is splashed all over the newspapers and Lishman is the prime suspect. Lishman, unable to remember much about the drunken night of passion, makes a snap decision to run. He becomes a fugitive hiding out on the backstreets of London, hunted through underground tunnels and canal networks. With the help of Dani, an edgy female photographer friend, he ventures into the murky world of East End gangs and conspiracy theories to unravel the mystery behind Natasha’s death and try to save himself.

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES is a gripping thriller by the talented new writer John Yorvik.

BOOK 2 of The Camden Noir Trilogy is available now:
"Lishman thought he had his life back. He was wrong."

Praise for PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES from Amazon reviews (a former top 100 free books kindle best-seller in crime thrillers and mystery)
"A fascinating thriller which doesn't let up the pace for a second. I couldn't wait to get up and continue reading"

"I'm new to Kindle and this was my first purchase. Wow, the story twists and turns and like all good thrillers trips you up just as you thought you were seeing the full picture."

"It reads like a hardboiled detective classic had been relocated to modern-day London."

"I got this book when it was free . . . Sets it up nicely for a follow-up book and at the end it says this is the first of a trilogy. It's a very well written book and most of the characters and situations are believable. I would totally recommend this book - a great crime thriller."

"Wanted to download some free books for new ipad and this was one of them."

"I heartily recommend this gripping crime thriller set in Camden lock, London." 

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