Friday, 5 July 2013

LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott

LITTLE WOMEN (original illustrations)

The Definitive Edition of LITTLE WOMEN
-Including ALL the original beautiful period illustrations from the first editions
-Complete and unabridged text
-Active table of contents to reach the chapter you want quickly

“The story of four sisters: Meg the prettiest, Amy the pickiest, Jo the most outspoken and Beth the most timid. Their journey towards becoming women in their own right begins when Jo decides to befriend the lonely grandson of the fearful hermit that lives next door. Along the way, the girls learn about, life, love, friendship and the bond of sisterhood.”

“My copy of this is probably 55 years old -- I've probably read it at least twenty-five times. One of my all-time favorite books. One of my favorite authors ever.” Dottie

“I love this book! There are only two writers that can make me cry and Louisa May Alcott is one of them, I can't help but draw comparisons to my own life when I read about Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.” Linda Cee

“This book is so great. It has characters every girl could relate to” Martha

LITTLE WOMEN is one of the most magical and charming books of all time. Presented in a beautiful edition specially designed for kindle, this is Louisa May Alcott’s masterpiece which will stay with you forever. Read it as it was meant to be presented with the original illustrations by her sister May Alcott. 

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