Friday, 29 March 2013

CROME YELLOW by Aldous Huxley

-illustrated with beautiful period pictures
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“One of the thousand novels everyone should read” The Guardian

“Among serious novelists, Aldous Huxley is surely the wittiest and most irreverent.” The Paris Review

“In Huxley's first novel, callow poet Denis Stone is invited to a house party at Crome . . . he falls ineffectually in love with his host's niece, and fails to capture the experience in verse, the remainder of the guests disport themselves in a variety of inventively idiosyncratic fashions, ranging from the declaiming of portions of the house's history to the losing of virginity on the rooftop. A crisp satire of the affectations of post-first world war lettered society. “ Sarah Crown

“Set during a summer stay at an English country house it is full of the intrigues and preoccupations of the guests. Denis is the central character, a poet who is frustrated in his unrequited love for Anne.”

“Aldous Huxley began his literary career on the edge of Bloomsbury and ended it in Beverly Hills, the prophet of a dystopian future and advocate of LSD.” James Campbell, The New York Times

CROME YELLOW is Aldous Huxley’s's first novel and wittily satirizes the life and loves of the literary set of his day. Huxley is widely regarded as one of the founders of modern thought and his dystopian novel Brave New World was one of the most influential novels of the 20th Century.

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