Monday, 1 January 2018

New thriller release on Kindle: UNWELCOME GUESTS by Australian author, Anna Willett

A weekend getaway in an isolated country house is just what Caitlin needs to fix her relationship with husband Eli...

Her spirits are up as they enter the spacious retreat and cool off in the nearby lake. With Eli’s easy-going brother accompanying them – the party was his idea – the barbeque lit and beers cracked open, everything should be set for a perfect evening.

But her husband is cold and dismissive so Caitlin decides to drown her sorrows, and heads into the wine cellar. What she finds there will change their lives for ever.

No peaceful sojourn from their daily worries, the house will stage an intense battle of wits: violent, claustrophobic and cruel. The danger the small group are in will put their trust in one another to the ultimate test. The question is, will anyone get out alive?
UNWELCOME GUESTS is a non-supernatural horror, a real page-turner thriller with nail-biting suspense.

Just 99p/99c for launch!

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UNWELCOME GUESTS is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

This is the third book by Australian author Anna Willett. Look out for the first, BACKWOODS RIPPER, and the second, RETRIBUTION RIDGE. Both these books are available on Kindle and in paperback.

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