Thursday, 21 January 2016


"I can't put these romance books down. They are SO addictive. They're sexy, fun, and gripping." Ann Abrams

"A fantastic read, you just can't put it down, just when you think nothing more can go wrong, something else happens, a lovely story." Eleanor Wilson

"This is quite a series. always something new to surprise you . . . bring on the next one!" amazon customer

"I came across this series of books from a recommendation from Amazon. I bought all of them together and read in one weekend! They are addictive! The characters feel real, the setting sounds amazing. Can't wait for the next instalment!" Strudwick

The past and present collide in a page-turning mix of love, drama, and conflict
Sunny and the children join Sven in France, where he’s directing a new movie with his co-star Evangeline Rousseau. What should be perfect — and a chance for the couple to work on baby number three — stirs up dangerous history.

The book follows the love affair of Sunny’s parents and fills in the blanks about her childhood, but it also unveils a secret from her past, a secret which could destroy everything.

This is the seventh book in the best-selling St. Barts Romance series by Emme Cross. Set on the island of St. Barts, eight square miles of gourmet restaurants, designer shops, yachts . . . and sultry secrets.

You’ll love this sexy romance series, with many more books to come, dive in and get this gripping and suspenseful romance now. Perfect for fans of Jilly Cooper, Jackie Collins and Judith Krantz novels!


BOOK 1: LOVE ON ST. BARTS Sunny learns about love, sex, and a whole lot more!

BOOK 2: LESSONS ON ST. BARTS Sunny’s happiness with Sven is threatened by a murderous stalker

BOOK 3: BACK TO ST. BARTS Sunny is at loose ends, trying to fit into Sven’s life but also establish one of her own. Then something happens which will change everything . . .

BOOK 4: BABY ON ST. BARTS Two events will shatter Sunny's dreams in the most compelling St. Barts book yet. This time there may be no way back for Sunny and Sven.

BOOK 5: GHOSTS OF ST. BARTS Sunny and Sven are haunted by past traumas.

BOOK 6: BROTHERS OF ST. BARTS Blackmail and a long-lost relative come between the couple.

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