Thursday, 10 December 2015

FREE SUPERNATURAL THRILLER for Kindle 10-14 December

The most extraordinary supernatural thriller you will ever read

"Perfect for Stephen King fans. This book is absolutely amazing. Anyone who's ever lost someone will identify with Dan's desperate quest to get Adelaide back. It's a thriller, ghost story, and epic chase through time and space. Brilliant characters and beautifully written." Chris Child 

Sometimes you must go back to move forward 
Dan is a professional ghost hunter who's never actually found a ghost. But his newest case is promising: a cursed Russian rifle (allegedly) haunted by a demon. According to legend, anyone who touches the antique weapon dies within 24 hours. But for Dan, it's personal — he's still mourning the death of his fiancĂ©e Adelaide, and he's desperate to find proof that spirits exist. At any cost. 

As the clock ticks down, Dan's paranormal investigation quickly twists into a mind-bending nightmare. He is stalked through time and memory by a terrifying (and very real) demon. And as for his lost love, Adelaide? She might be the only one who can save him . . . 

From Amazon best-selling author Taylor Adams, "Our Last Night" is a roller coaster of a ghost story with a bruised, beating heart. 

Great for people who love Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Peter Straub or David Wong but really a book like nothing you’ve ever read! 

Taylor Adams is the author of the #1 Amazon best-seller EYESHOT

In the middle of the desert a couple are pinned down by a ruthless sniper . . . 
Praise for Eyeshot: 
"This was one of the most riveting, non-stop thrillers I have ever read. I blew through this book. I look forward to reading more by Taylor Adams." Kyle Sherrod 

"I loved every minute of this book. The writing is simply amazing." Jamie Mills 

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