Sunday, 18 October 2015


This book is a love story like no other you will ever read! Pre-order now and get it for an amazing Christmas read.

From Amazon best-selling author Taylor Adams, "Our Last Night" is a roller coaster of a ghost story with a bruised, beating heart.

“Adelaide died an hour before midnight on New Year’s Eve. If I could push through the rest of January and break into 2014, I could see her again. Before the accident. That was all I wanted. To find her, to see her again, to smell the mango shampoo in her hair, to hear her laugh, to feel her fingertips on my shoulder, to live a moment with her one last time. Any moment. It’s chillingly convenient when you think about it — my goal with the Head-Scratching Rifle had been to find evidence of the afterlife, so I’d know that I might someday be reunited with Addie’s eternal soul. Now, I was on my way to see her right now. I practically had her address. Almost too easy, right?”

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