Friday, 27 February 2015

New release for #kindle


short horror stories by début authors 

David ALLEN and Josie BLOOM

A selection of short stories that will send a shiver down your spine

Dark, disturbing grisly tales that will entertain from writer duo David Allen and Josie Bloom.

Contains several stories:

Read the BASEMENT, the tale of a father and how a visiting social worker encountered his wife.

Enjoy the strange culinary practices of Mr & Mrs Hirohito in THE ABATTOIR, and witness the final breakdown of their moribund marriage.

A young girl’s train journey to her aunt is beset by strange occurrences and unwanted attentions. Read THE ALMANAC to see how she copes.

Driving to the woods in the dark. But what’s in the trunk? Find out in THE CRIB.

A dose of the supernatural in THE POSSET: a sickly child takes a medicinal drink and remains with her family, in a way.

Savour the tale of Lord Betterton, the gastronomic buffoon in BETTERTON & MAUD. But what’s for dinner, or should we say, who?

A severed foot, a mighty roar, a red umbrella? In STILL LIFE a disturbed mind struggles to disentangle real memories from the fragments of a dream.

In THE MISTRESS & HER MAID the mistress is still missing: haunted by that night’s events, the devoted maid wrestles with her conscience.

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