Thursday, 8 May 2014

ARMADALE by Wilkie Collins for kindle

The Definitive Edition of ARMADALE
-Illustrations from the first edition
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“This book is really about character - great character development - and the wonderful thing is how Collins gives us a taste of each person's perspective. I was never sure where things were going, and had several theories that came to nothing in a wonderful way. If only Collins knew how many evenings I listened with pleasure to his story while doing the cooking and washing-up! ” Esther

“One of the most hardened female villains whose devices and desires have ever blackened fiction” The Athenaeum

“Gives us for a heroine, a woman fouler than the refuse of the streets, who has lived to the ripe age of 35, and through the horrors of forgery, murder, theft, bigamy, gaol, and attempted suicide, without any trace being left on her beauty.” The Spectator

“I thought this was a fantastic read! It was written to be serialized in a magazine, I believe. And it really has that serial/cliffhanger feel to it. After reading the first 100 pages, I felt like I had already read an entire thriller. Collins writes like a contemporary thriller writer- John Grisham, Stephen King, etc. He is so accessible, it is hard to remember he was writing at the same time as Dickens. ” Johnna

“This is THE Wilkie Collins novel I recommend whenever I get the chance for those brave souls who want to brave the denseness of Victorian literature. Over the years I've been working my way through Wilkie's very prodigious output, and this is the one novel of his that I will definitely re-read ” Kerrie

“For a prime example of Victorian Sensation at it most lurid and thrilling look no further than Armadale. Collins pulls out all the stops in this novel incorporating supernatural elements, trenchant humor, bitter cynicism, genuine suspense and dizzying plot twists. You'll pray for the heroes and condemn the villains. But by the novel's inevitable conclusion you may be surprised by your feelings for one of Victorian literature's most splendid of wicked women.”

ARMADALE features Wilkie Collin’s sensational novel in a specially designed edition for kindle. This mystery will intrigue and delight you. Read it as it’s meant to be read: complete, and unabridged with illustrations from the first edition. 

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