Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BASIL by Wilkie Collins

classic Wilkie Collins BASIL (illustrated)

The Definitive Edition of BASIL
-Illustrations from the first illustrated edition
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“Basil, a man of high station, falls in love with Margaret Sherwin, the daughter of a linen draper, and the year following their secret marriage is fraught with dramatic conflict. This psychologically penetrating story of love and loss is recognized today as one of, if not the, first sensation novels of the nineteenth century.” J Eddy

“Basil tells the story of a secret and unconsummated marriage, between the aristocratic Basil and Margaret Sherwin, the daughter of a linen draper, kept secret for one year. Basil struggles between the social pressures of his class, embodied in the character of his proud and honourable father, and his passion for Margaret.” The Thiessen Review

“The elements which would become central to the age of sensation in the 1860s are all there – familial strife and secrets, violence, mental anguish with an almost proto-Freudian obsession with dreams and the subconscious and a focus on the destructive potential of female sexuality.” The Secret Victorianist

“This was one of those books that sent my emotions reeling ~ the kind where I ran my fingers through my hair over and again in frustration, screaming, "NO!!!!" in my mind, pacing with anxiety and watching helplessly as the character is buffeted by winds he cannot control, albeit a result of a few misplaced efforts. Read it to the end.” Heidi

“The more of Wilkie Collins I read the more I think I like him as much as I do his friend Charles Dickens” Richard

BASIL features Wilkie Collin’s sensational novel in a specially designed edition for kindle. This suspenseful novel will shock and delight you. Read it as it’s meant to be read: complete, and unabridged with the original illustrations. 

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