Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Release 

THREE MEN ON A BENDER by Patrick Rossi


“Belly twisting laughs aplenty in this black-as-night comedy romp.” Ronald Chipper 

“A thriller, a satire and a laugh-out-loud comedy. A great book.” Mark, Leicestershire 

“A real cracker. Makes you giggle like Jerome K Jerome, clearly an influence.” Sean, Dublin. 

In Three Men on a Bender, with cruel sardonic wit Patrick Rossi recounts the story of cuckold Marco, morally superior and short-tempered natural leader Bradi, and himself as they witness a murder whilst on vacation in Ireland. In a series of drunken mishaps, Italy’s finest young stallions are enlisted by the killers themselves to hunt down the witnesses to the murder, becoming embroiled in an ever-deepening game of deceit. Yet it is only a matter of time before the sticky situation they find themselves in, alleviated only sporadically by the appearance of the beautiful Maylea, results in an even stickier outcome for the intrepid travelers in this hilarious story told with a unique brand of self-deprecating humor and sharp observation of man’s follies. 

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