Friday, 20 December 2013


An extraordinary, sexy, and romantic journey through lightness and darkness which you won’t be able to put down

"Bound Angel and Bound Demon together at last, what an epic romance." Ann Abrams

"I read through the night to find out what happened to Alex and Gary." Catherine Best

"So romantic, so hot, and such a great read." Maria Laing

For the first time ever, Bound Angel and Bound Demon, the epic parts of Alex’s romantic journey through a world of love, demons, angels, pain, discovery, and joy are brought together in one volume.

When Alex married her childhood sweetheart Gary, she had no idea he ran an exclusive sex club for the rich and beautiful. But gradually drawn into his life she discovers her own inner desires and pleasures to the point that Gary worries he will lose her. Then the charming Harry, who Alex has a crush on, interviews for the club, unleashing a chain of events that no one could have expected. Will Harry’s need for revenge finally separate Gary and Alex or will their enchanted bond remain strong enough to tie them together forever?

Then, after a fatal incident in her husband Gary’s kinky club, it seems Alex will have to live besides him forever as a guardian angel, with all the frustrations that brings. However, a move to a large old mansion in Wales uncovers a secret about her family's involvement in witchcraft and her own paranormal powers. Alex will have to master her new abilities when a frightening alignment of planets brings about a fierce battle of the white witches against evil demons. Will the strength and love of hunky werewolf Ryan be enough to save Alex when she discovers the real danger is much, much closer to home?

First published separately as BOUND ANGEL and BOUND DEMON 

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