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GREAT EXPECTATIONS (illustrated, complete,  and with the original illustrations)

The Definitive Edition of GREAT EXPECTATIONS
-Illustrated with all the original illustrations approved by Dickens himself
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“One of the 1000 novels everyone must read” The Guardian

“Great Expectations is a masterpiece.” The Atlantic

“Great Expectations is an unforgettable tale of fate and a chance encounter between two strangers that radically and arbitrarily alters the lives of everyone around them.” Oprah.com

“Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a wonderful story with many characters rich in diversity and complexity. From our lowly poor Pip who comes into money, to the quintessential tease, Estella, to the jilted bride Miss Havisham, and many others. Romance, love, betrayal, murder, and suspense are just a few of the aspects of this story.” Midnightfaerie

GREAT EXPECTATIONS is one of the most profound and exciting novels of all time. It has been made into many film and television adaptations and tells the story of Pip, an orphan who mysteriously comes into wealth. This is Dickens’ masterpiece presented as it was meant to be read, with all the original illustrations approved by Dickens himself.  

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