Friday, 27 September 2013

GALLASILL: The True Story of Gallows Hill by Martyn Taylor

GALLASILL: The True Story of Gallows Hill (thrilling ghost stories)
"Really, really spooky" Thomas McCarthy

"This chilling ghost story had me gripped from start to finish" Ann Abrams

"A finely crafted contemporary ghost story, reads like a thriller. Brilliant!" Greg Best

In the bleak Northumberland town of Gallasill, legend has it that the hanging of an innocent man seven generations ago left a curse on the two feuding local families involved. Always fascinated by this folklore and legend about her local town, Gallows Hill, academic Sarah Charlton discovers, despite her father’s insistence to the contrary, she is a direct descendant of the figures in the haunting story. Having always sensed a presence on the old farm on the hill, Sarah gradually uncovers the shocking truth about Gallasill and her family. But she soon realises she is not the only one with a personal stake in the story. Will she be able to question her own rational disbelief in the supernatural to save herself, or will the curse renew itself for generations to come? 

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