Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DRACULA by Bram Stoker


The Definitive Edition of DRACULA
-Illustrated with vintage images and historical material
-Complete, unabridged, and formatted for kindle to improve your reading experience
-Linked table of contents to reach your chapter quickly

“One of the 1000 books everyone must read.” The Guardian

“Twilight's anaemic adolescent bloodsuckers look paler than ever next to the primal horror of Stoker's 1897 creation: a ruby-lipped ancient who corrupts the flower of Victorian womanhood, and threatens the heart of the empire itself. “ Lettie Ransley, The Observer

“This is by far the creepiest vampire novel I have read . . . . I found this story to be intriguing and enthralling and I found myself unable to put it down. This is the original vampire novel and, in my opinion, still the best.” Seldombites

DRACULA is THE classic gothic vampire novel in a beautifully presented edition specially designed for kindle. This is Bram Stoker’s masterpiece which will haunt you forever. Read the original 1897 edition, complete, and unabridged.

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