Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Kate Middlebum Chronicles Book 2

Even funnier than the real thing!

"The Kate Middlebum Chronicles are the most hilarious spoof on the Royal Family since Spitting Image".
"A spoof on the Royal Family which will have you snorting with laughter as you read the LOL things they don't really get up to on Christmas day and before."
“A very funny parody of the British Royal Family, read if you want a right royal laugh”

The Kate Middlebum chronicles are a parody of the fairy-tale romance of a lovely middle class girl called Kate who marries a Prince. This very funny and rude book presents an entirely fictitious but hilarious version of people who bathe in the public eye. 

Best-selling writer Ann Abrams explores British obsessions with class, sex, and bottoms and this book is not for the easily offended. Ann is not responsible if you die laughing or do anything else stupid.

Read the hilarious first instalment here:


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