Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"Fifty Shades" style Kate Middleton SPOOF becomes #1 best-seller on Amazon

'Fifty Shades of a Princess', an extraordinary satire of the Royal romance, featuring characters such as Kate Middlebum and Prince Wilz, has become an unlikely best-seller on Amazon. The parody of the hit 'Fifty Shades of Grey' written by controversial writer Ann Abrams climbed the Amazon charts during this week, with over 5000 people downloading this ridiculous and raunchy take on the Royal courtship in two days. It even beat TV's Miranda Hart to the number one humour best-seller spot.

Published by boutique publishing house Not So Noble Books, this parody is dividing opinion on the Amazon review boards, with one reader describing it as a "hilarious, irreverent, witty satire" while another said. "With all the material available for parody in the royal family, why pick the one truly nice person?" 'Fifty Shades of a Princess' is written in text message slang and an obscure posh lingo that satirises a nation divided by diction.

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Fifty Shades of a Princess (a parody) (Darker Shades of Grey)

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